25 Websites That Will Make You A Winner

The internet has been around now for well over 20 years, and in all that time of using this great portal of information, you have to ask yourself if you have 

really learned anything, if you have grown as an individual, if you have made more money from it, if you have become more spiritual, if you have accomplished your goals, and even if you have found love and are super happy. Because the whole idea of the Internet and these billions of websites inside it like the matrix, was to connect people globally and instantly, to share knowledge and wisdom, and allow every single human being whether rich or poor - dumb or educated - beautiful or ugly - to all have a voice, to all be able to express themselves. But also equally important, the Internet with its many websites, allow anyone to come along and create a website about anything and everything, and then that person can share whatever he or she wants about their life, their passion, their dreams, their business, their love life etc... And by doing that, each of these people can build an eternal legacy where their contribution to humanity can be forever recorded in the annals of the Internet. And really mankind has copied this idea from God/The Creator, in the sense that He has created the Akashic Records inside the universe, and within these records you will find every person's thought, every word they ever spoke, every action they ever take, every event that takes place.... Forever. And so it is with the Internet, since every thought, every moment, every joke, every insult, every flirt, every idea, every picture, every piece of news and every scheme is being recorded.... Forever.  

And with all that said, what about you Beloved? Have you learned anything from the Internet, have you enjoyed it, have you contributed to it to make it better or worse? But more importantly is your life better than it was yesterday, the day before, last month, last year, last decade because of what you have found and took in from the Internet? Well I am here to tell you that in all the social media dramas, in all these cowardly attacks by cyber bullies, you can still become a better person because of the Internet and its world wide web. Because there are millions of websites out of the billions that are doing everything they can to teach you, to help you, to entertain you, to elevate you, to protect you, to inspire you and ultimately to make your life so much better. And so today I am helping you to discover 25 such websites that I am personally involved with, in the hope that you will become a winner and stay such a winner in all the areas of your life. 

1 - 12. All About Your Life  
This site helps you with the 12 main areas of your life, and  will definitely allow you to become a well arounded person. Because you don't want to be one of those people who only know about only one little thing in life, you want to be the "Go To" or the "Come To" person within your circles. Because you are well educated in life, in common sense, in spiritual affairs and in every day occurrences. 

13. edX

edX is another MOOC platform where you can take online courses from the finest universities in the world. It was initiated as a joint venture by MIT and Harvard University. It also offers hundreds of courses in different subject areas, similar to Coursera.

14. Khan Academy

At Khan Academy, you can access a wide-ranging library of interactive content on almost every subject out there. You don’t only learn those subjects through wonderful videos, but you also have chance to practice on the subject regularly and keep track of your learning. It’s a great platform to both learn new things and expand on earlier knowledge.

15. Udemy

Udemy is also a MOOC provider, but unlike academic MOOC providers like Coursera and edX, it focuses on providing real-world skills online. It offers courses on topics from building an ecommerce site and playing guitar to photography. It’s actually a marketplace for online learning, where experts on different subjects offer you lessons, either for free or at a certain price.

16. Quora

You can learn almost anything on Quora from experts and recognized people, as well as not-so-famous people. This is a question-answer platform where users ask and answer questions. But, unlike other similar sites, the user profiles are authentic and questions and answers are managed according to their uniqueness and relevance.

17. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is probably the single most important site for a programmer. If you’re a programmer, or want to learn programming, this site should easily be your best friend. At this question-answer site for programmers, you can ask questions about your computing difficulties and learn from other people’s answers.

18. Codeacademy

At Codeacademy, you can learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Python in a very easy and interactive way. It makes programming a fun activity and is very handy for beginners starting at programming. However, the depth it covers is very shallow and this site is helpful only for introductory knowledge of the subject.

19. Tutorialspoint

Tutorialspoint is another programming and computer science related site on this list, which helps you master different computer-related topics. It provides in-depth knowledge, unlike Codecademy. You can grow on the basic foundation provided by Codeacademy and achieve mastery on anything from Big Data to App Development at Tutorialspoint.

20. eHow

eHow teaches you wide array of skills on different topics step-by-step. The content is created by its team of writers, called experts, who create how-to guides on topics from personal hygiene to food recipes. You can learn anything from making a Raspberry Pi Alarm clock to making a scarecrow for your garden.

21. Wikihow

WikiHow is another how-to site teaching us how to do things in an organized manner, but it has been modeled as a Wiki. At eHow, the staff themselves are paid to create the guides, but at Wikihow, everyone can edit, modify, and delete content. So, it’s not just about learning — you can also teach others the valuable skills you possess.

22. HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks is another wonderful website to broaden your horizons, providing you with very unique and interesting information on a wide range of topics. It contains articles focusing on issues which haven’t been explored much previously. If you want to move an inch closer to the truth, this is surely the website you should visit often.

23. TED

According to TED, its mission is to spread ideas that are worth spreading. It features talks on variety of topics by experts in their fields who share their ideas, visions, and experiences through video talks. These talks are great way to introduce yourself very quickly and effortlessly to new concepts and develop new insights and perspectives.

24. Lumosity

Lumosity is a great website to improve your mental faculties like memory, attention, and analytical skills. You can train your brain with fun games, and it also offers you personalized training programs to restructure the training as per your needs and keep track of the progress. Its objective is to make you clever, and it’s quite addictive as well. 

25. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers you more than 50,000 eBooks, all for free. You can download these books in ePUB, Kindle, or PDF formats, or you can even read them online. This site is completely legal as well, since the books available are ones with copyrights that have expired or that have been made free for non-commercial use by the publishers.

Well there you have it Beloved, 25 websites that are part of the Internet and its world wide web, doing their best to make your life a success. And once you are armed with all the tools of knowledge, tools of wisdom, tools of personal development, tools of laughter, tools of working hands in hands with nature and the Creator God, and tools to help you become more and more perfect each day, then you will become the winner and the awesome sentient being you are known to be. But now it will show up from the inside out. Your Helper, James Dazouloute





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