21 SEO Tips To Make Money With Google

If you are a website owner, Google is your best friend. And the great thing about that friendship is that, Google does not care if you like them personally or not, or even want to buy some of their services. Because they will love you and your website forever unconditionally, as long as you optimize your website in ways that their search engines can read it properly. And why do I say Google will love you and your site? Because Google is in the information business, and when people are looking for a piece of information, Google loves to provide that information as fast as possible. And if that information is from your site, and if it is new and original (It can't be found anywhere else on the Internet), and if that information is presented in a way that Google Spiders can read it fast and proper, then Google will love your site. 

Now you already have an understanding about how to present your thoughts, knowledge and research in an original manner. But the problem a lot of site owners are having to this day, is how to optimize their website pages so that the search engines can read them properly and rank those pages as high as possible (1 to 10 scale). And so this is why today I am sharing with you these 21 SEO tips to make money with Google. Because once Google can find your webpages and is able to present them as fast as possible when someone is looking for the information that relates to your site, then they will send those visitors to your website and web pages that are extremely relevant to that piece of information they were looking. And once that happens, then on your web page you can offer your services and/or your merchandise to those visitors. And you will make money with Google. Because for you or I to make money Online, we all need for people to come to our websites (Especially for free from Google search engines), and then we can teach them and help them. But you must remember that computer is all about codes (010101111001010), and so when you write about something you have to offer, service or merchandise, the Internet has to be able to read those codes properly, and then it also looks for certain other key things so it could help you while Google is helping itself by presenting relevant advertising to these people. So I hope that by now you are starting to get it. So let's see exactly the 21 things you need to do to make money with Google.

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And Now, 21 SEO Tips To Make Money With Google:



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