21 Pictures Of A Dog - Birds -N- Hamster All Friends


Friendship is always going to take place within every specie, every being and every soul. Because the universe was created out of love, and because of such deep love, that universe then birthed the planets, the stars along with the living souls that surround them. And so it is only logical and expected, that sooner than later, all beings, all species and even all gods and angels will become friends through normal and even weird circumstances. So it is with no surprise that I am sharing with you today these 21 wonderful friendship pictures between a dog, 8 birds and a hamster that are all friends. 

And that is important because throughout all events that take place on earth and inside the universe, there is always a lesson to be learned, mastered and then to be applied by mankind. Especially when, between all the different species of beings that are alive, we are the most violent, the most self destructive, the most egotistical, the most resource hungry and the most murderous of all of them. And why are we like these? Because we as humans have a whole deep within our heart, our eyes and mind that can never be filled, since we are eternally greedy, forever covetous and most definitely just plain murderers. I mean we murder someone's name if they look better than us by talking bad about them, we murder our neighbors happiness by stealing their wives and husbands, we murder our brothers survival rights by stealing all the resources we can and we even would murder God The Creator, if that were possible, just to take His place in the highest heavens. 


So again this is why these wonderful pictures about these different species of animals are so super important for us to share with one another, so that we can be reminded that no matter who we are as humans, no matter our color, our skill levels, no matter our culture, we all can get along, we all can find common ground to stand together as one people, one global family standing united and loving one another, along with taking the time to appreciate each other's differences. But I guess until the aliens show up and decide to destroy us before we murder them, we will never unite as one family, nor will we truly appreciate each other's difference and see it as a blessing to complement our own weaknesses. But for now, let us all come together and enjoy this awesome dog, these 8 exceptional birds and this amazing hamster. Your wonderful teacher, James Dazouloute

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Meet Bob, the friendly golden retriever. Bob lives in São Paulo, Brazil, along with his human and at least eight pet birds. The cute canine has started to attract attention on Instagram by posting photos of him posing peacefully with his bird room-mates, traveling the world, and generally being adorable. -- More info: Facebook | Instagram 

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