18 People Who Killed Defenseless Lions -- Murderers

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Some people seem to think it's fun to just go out in the wild and attack defenseless lions with bows and arrows, with guns, with trucks etc... While these lions are defenseless and are completely unaware of what they have done wrong to these humans, nor do they know when the war started between lions and humans. Because you must ask yourself Beloved: How would you feel if your neighbor suddenly starts to shoot his or her bow and arrows at you, or starts to shoot his or her long range rifle at you and your children, or maybe even trying to kill you by using his or her truck to run you down? And all the while you have no idea what you did wrong, what started this war between you and them and you don't even know why they hate you so much and want to see you and your family wiped off the face of this earth. How would you feel Beloved?

And you know what I hate about these cowardly hunters, it is the fact that they have no backbones. Nor are they warriors, like us Marines or the Special forces. Because they are just plain cowards who stand far away with a bow and arrow, or with a long range rifle to shoot at an animal that is unaware that these humans were at war with them. Where is the glory in this? When all the lion has is its body, but those cowardly hunters have their body, also their bows and arrows, their long range rifles, their long knives, their safari trucks etc... So again these are not warriors. Because a warrior will face his enemy head on, a true warrior will only kill to protect himself and other beings from harm, and a true warrior would fight a lion with his bare hands making it a fair fight. And so the people that I am about to share with you are cowards who can only feel big when they have a gun in their hand, or a bow and some arrows on their shoulder, or hiding behind a jeep. Because there is no honor in killing a lion that is not attacking you, not pursuing you, not trying to eat you and your loved ones, not wanting to harm you in any way-shape or form. Again I ask you, where is the glory in killing an animal 100 yards away or more using a rifle, a gun, a bow and arrow, a truck etc... Where is the honor and glory? And then to be so proud as a cold blooded murderer to pose for pictures?


No, kill a lion with your bare hands, jump inside the pride's circle and challenge the head male lion, and then get into a fight with this animal bare hands, pound for pound, limb for limb, mouth for mouth, muscle for muscle, roar for roar, teeth for teeth... And then kill that animal. Then you can say you are a warrior, then you can claim glory, then you can even be the leader of the pride. And these types of people could never survive in Africa on their own, and this is why since the 1600s they have been going to Africa like scared little children, always using a guide to help them, always counting on all types of equipment and always using trickery to kill innocent animals and people. Just like they have done in the past with Slavery, with stolen lands from the Indians in America and with stolen treasures in the Middle East. Their ammos are always the same, cowardly tricks, trying to fight a war from far away using technology. And so this is why they have little care and value for human life and much less for the amazing animals. It must be in their blood, these cowardly murderers, who take liberties to call themselves Hunters and Warriors... What A Joke! A True Warrior, James Dazouloute

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Cecil The Lion, We Will Remember You. You Did Not Get Murdered In Vain. Change Is Coming

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, every year an estimated 600 lions are slaughtered for sport — and 64 percent of those are killed by American trophy hunters.

And Now, 18 People Who Killed Defenseless Lions -- Murderers:

Notice that all these cowards all have something in their hands

1. Lion Killer Dentist, Walter J. Palmer


2. Melissa Bachman
Melissa Bachman is a trophy hunter from Minnesota and host of a hardcore hunting TV show "Winchester's Deadly Passion." Her show's webpage states: "Growing up in central Minnesota, surrounded by an avid hunting family filled with love and mentors galore, Melissa’s passion for hunting started at a young age. Ever since, she has pursued her many goals and taken numerous world-class animals along the way."
In 2013, she became the focus of an Internet backlash after she tweeted a photo of herself with a dead lion she had just killed in South Africa with the caption, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion…what a hunt!” A Facebook page condemning Bachman has amassed more than 350,000 likes, while a page defending her has garnered 50,000 likes.
Click here for more pictures of Bachman smiling with her "trophies."

3. Kendall Jones
Last year, a teenage cheerleader from Texas named Kendall Jones sparked outrage after posting pictures of herself with dead lions, elephants, hippos and other animals on her Facebook page. The Daily Mail reported that Jones claimed her killing spree was "a testament to her hunting skills and dedication to game preservation."
"The first animal I ever shot was a White Rhino with a .416 Remington!!" Jones said on her Facebook page.

4. Dennis from Michigan:

These killing expeditions often take little to no skill. Many 

5. Josh from West Virginia:

6. Ben from Georgia:

Safari operators make little effort to couch their gory offerings as some rugged tradition. The lives of animals are instead presented as if on a menu, with daily hunting rates and trophy fees: baboon $300, giraffe $5,500, white lion female $8,990, white lion male $26,000.

7. Dana and Zachary from Texas:











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