12 Psychology News Headlines To Be Smarter

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Psychology is You, and everything you do. As well Psychology is every thought you have, every internal and external decision you make and even every way you react to all things taking place in your life and around you. And so as you can see Beloved, Psychology is within you,within the universe and it is also inside every atom and molecule. So do you think you need to learn about and understand Psychology? I think you do and in an immediate way, since if you don't become a Psychologist in your own life, you are bound to suffer from depression, sadness, from being poor, from bad health, from mischiefs etc.. All because you don't understand You. And then there are others around you, in your business community, in your political arena, in your love life, in your workplace, in your religious settings... Who are all doing their very best to control you, to manipulate you, to take away your freedom, your independence and even your joy. And the way they can achieve that is by understanding you better than you understand yourself, and once they do that, then they can get you to respond in any way, shape or form they choose to. Then you will become their puppet, their little slave, and you will even give to them all that you hold dear so they can achieve their dreams, their goals and aspirations. And then where will you be my friend? So this is why today I am sharing with you about these 12 Psychology News Headlines To Be Smarter:

1. Psychology behind extremely picky eaters 

3. Anti-torture reforms opposed within psychology group after damning report

4. The Psychology of the Ultra-Rich, According to the Research -- Bernie Sanders says that billionaires have “psychiatric issues.” 

5. Psychology of Penmanship -- The British Psychological Society puts the practice in the same camp as astrology. 

6. Cecil the Lion, Walter Palmer and the Psychology of Online Shaming   


7. The psychology of purchase --- How advertisers are obsessed with persuading people to love a brand rather than buy it. 

8. The moral psychology of the Planned Parenthood videos -- showing officials with Planned Parenthood discussing the use of body parts from aborted fetuses 

9. How To Measure Your Happiness Using the Most Important Concept in Positive Psychology 

10. Nation's top thinkers on how to be happy, improve our sex lives, and... 

11. Ministers turning to behavioural psychology to tackle policy problems 

12. Gym owner says sweat, psychology key to clients' success -- SEE How


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