12 Insurance News Headlines That Affect You


Insurance, we all need it and we all must buy some form of it at some point in our lives, and so this is why you must stay up to date with all that is going on in the Insurance Industry. Because if you bury your head in the sands and act like you don't care, then when it's time for you to get a claim handled, then you will be in a world of hurt. Also when it's time for you to get your car insured, your home, your boat, your jewellery, your children lives, your funeral costs etc... Then you will be shocked just how much the insurance premium is for these items. All because you did not care to know about what the Insurance Companies were doing all this time, and because of that you did not have a chance to contact your elected officials to get insurance laws passed that would be favorable to you and not to the Insurance Companies. So don't let this happen to you Beloved, starting today you must stay abreast on what's going on within the Insurance Industry. And so this is why today I am sharing with you these 12 Insurance News Headlines That Affect You:

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1. Insurance Payments Will Double Because Of Bad Credit Rating: 

2. 10 Water Damage Tips When It's Time To File Your Insurance Claim 

3. Florida Agent Arrested For Selling Fake Policie"s After License Was Suspended 

4. Health Insurance Co-ops Bleed Red Ink After Democrats Used Health Care Overhaul To Create Non Profit Co-ops 

5. Surplus Pension Benefits Are To Pay For Retiree Health Care According To New Bill Signed Into Law    

6. Deductible Insurance Costs Are Crippling The Middle Class  

7. Costs Of Insurance Gone Up Dramatically For Young Workers Under Obamacare  

8. Did You Know About The Phony Canceled Health Insurance Scandal? 

9. Insurance Fraudsters Caught In A Dumb Criminal Case --- See What They Did: 

10. Allstate Is Getting Closer To Reaching A Deal On Selling Clients Data -- Maybe Yours: 

11. Your Bad Credit Will Affect Your Insurance Rates Worst Than A DUI On Your License Will -- Are You Ready For That?

12. Automakers Will Now Have To Pay Triple The Fines For Violation Of Motor Safety Laws, According To A New Senate Bill That Was Passed  


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