11 Best Benefits Of Garlic You Need

11 Best Benefits Of Garlic You Need

Dear Friend, Garlic or  “ Allium Sativum “ as it's properly called is a relative of the onion, and this plant has been around forever. And to this modern generation, garlic is best known for it's role in the movies of Vampires. Because it is always shown to be the proper way to keep vampires away, but I have to tell you that this great plant is a “ Cure For All “ for so many diseases  and maladies that you may encounter.

In the spiritual circles and  all the different folklore, garlic has been used in dealing with many evil spirits. And in your house for example, if you have anger issues, depression issues, money problem issues, heavy dispute issues and others; it has been said that you have demonic activities within your home and they try to influence your behavior along with your loved ones. And if you want them to leave, then you must place a piece of fresh garlic in every door and window pathway, as well as fireplaces and order those evil spirits to leave. And the garlic ensures that they can never  come back in, because the garlic will burn them. Does that work?.  I am only sharing with you, but I do know that when you put a piece of fresh raw garlic in your mouth it will burn like crazy.

As well in the medicine world, science has yet to finish finding out all the ways that garlic can be used to cure illnesses. And going back to the year 1858, Louis Pasteur did what a scientist is supposed to do which is to make observations and experiments, and he found out that when he combined garlic with harmful bacterias under a microscope that the garlic destroyed it. And that inspired other scientists in just about every country to test garlic on many different diseases to see what happens. So let's see: Garlic has been known to cure dog bites, constipation, asthma, pimples, athlete's foot, tuberculosis, heart disease, typhus, colds, flu, high blood pressure, influenza B, herpes simplex, high cholesterol, embolism, etc.  And as the list goes on for how garlic cures illnesses, it is important that you know to take garlic  in it's raw state, and eaten in as small a dosage as half a clove a day.  

11 Best Benefits Of Garlic You Need:

  1. Garlic Is Highly Nutritious, But Has Very Few Calories
  2. Garlic Can Combat Sickness, Including the Common Cold
  3. Garlic clears acne.
  4. Garlic is also a reliable source of selenium.
  5. Garlic increases insulin release and regulates blood sugar levels
  6. Helps beat iron deficiency and anaemia
  7. Garlic can help relieve toothaches due to its antibacterial and analgesic properties
  8. Garlic acts as a vasodilator which helps to widen the blood vessels, making blood flow smoother.
  9. Garlic Reduces Arthritis Pain
  10. The Active Compounds in Garlic Can Reduce Blood Pressure
  11. Garlic Contains Antioxidants That May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Garlic Benefits, Why Is This Plant Used For So Many Good Things In Your Life?. And in looking at the many benefits of garlic, it has been known to be an antibiotic, a fungicide, a laxative, a diuretic, an anticoagulant among other uses. And to this day scientists still have a hard time to precisely explain the many medicinal properties that make garlic such a powerful cure. And as I have always advised you: In everything you hear, there is truth and false, and everyone is a scientist in his own right because we all observe what is going on within our bodies and all around us.  So I implore you dear friend to give garlic a chance, and talk it over with your doctor to see if you can begin taking a small dosage daily. And I even wonder what can garlic do regarding Cancer and Aids?. I encourage you to always look at the natural remedies first, before taking on extremely concentrated chemicals. James Dazouloute 

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