10 Ways To Live Life To Its Fullest

10 Ways To Live Life To Its Fullest... see

Dear Friend what is this life really all about?. For we are here and all we see are a few moments of good things happening to us, and then the majority of all the other moments are nothing but trouble, pain and confusion. And all of us because of this, at some point in life will ask for the meaning of life,  and how can we live life to its fullest in just one day?. Well today I will answer for you how to live life in a day.

And the way that you do that is to learn the key things that will help you live life to it's fullest potential, so you can know joy, prosperity, love and enlightenment. All to help you be at your best each and everyday, and live an awesome life being victorious.

10 Ways To Live Life To Its Fullest... SEE:

First way is to have love and warmth.
Have love and warmth in your heart, within your body and mind. You must allow yourself to feel all the wonderful things that exist on this earth that you are a traveler in. Like feel the love and warmth when someone gives you flowers, or a friend says they can't go through something without you, and even when your pet is showing you unconditional love when you come home.

Second way to live life in a day is to be appreciative and grateful.
Every little thing that happens to you in this life is an experience that will help you grow and enrich you. But you must learn to stop giving your own meaning to things as soon as they happen in your life. No my friend, do give things a chance to play themselves out and appreciate the message that is being sent to you from above. And remember in everything there lies opportunities, it all depends on how you perceive them. So in everything be positive, appreciative and grateful, and you will conquer all.

Third way is to be curious at all times.
Yes be curious about all of life's little excitements. Be it just in your backyard, take a magnifying glass and see the thousands of lives that are going about their daily chores. And you will discover a world within a world. Be curious as to how the flower blooms each morning with the rising of the sun and you will live life to it's fullest.

Fourth way is to get excited and passionate.
Life is but a sum of all moments. So get excited about the moment that you're getting up and out of bed, be passionate about the smell of that coffee and look forward to it. Get excited about those new clothes that you just bought and are about to put on, and be passionate about the rising sun and see it in all it's splendor, majesty and beauty.

Fifth easy way to live life in a day is to have determination.
Each day be determined about your purpose for that day. Make things happen by speaking that day out loud what things you want and exactly how you want them to happen. And you'll see the Universe will bring them your way exactly how you ordered them.

10 Ways To Live Life To Its Fullest... SEE

Sixth way is to be flexible.
Understand dear friend that for all things to work for you, there must be thousands of pieces that are added perfectly together in the puzzle of life by the Universe. So be flexible when things and great opportunities come into your life, for I guarantee you that 99 percent of the time they will not be as you expected.

Seventh way is to be confident.
And really what does that mean?. It means to act on what you truly, truly believe deep down in your heart and soul. Like if you feel successful on that day, then speak success, walk it, breath it in, speak it and love all aspect of success and you will have it as you live life in a day.

Eighth way is to be cheerful.
The Universe is interconnected, and have you ever noticed that when you yawn somebody else who is around you tends to yawn as well. And when someone is crying near you, even a child, your heart and body is quickly saddened and you are emotionally stressed. So with that, be cheerful in all that you do that day, in every spoon you put in your mouth, in every hand you shake, in every gift of smile that you share that day.

Ninth wonderful way to live life in a day is to feel healthy.
Once again whatever you tell the Universe to do it will do, for it was created only to serve you and God. Remember you are God's child and heir to his throne, and so everything that serves Him must serve you. So speak health, feel healthy and do healthy things that will enrich you today and every day.

Tenth way to live life in a day is to contribute.
You came here on earth from heaven as a spiritual being who wanted to share the experiences of this physical dimension. So contribute the love that you are filled with and the pure energy that surrounds you, and fill the life of someone else with love, compassion and understanding. Be magnanimous in all you do and be passionate as well. Give like you've never given before to one person, and you will see that your great acts will be talked about for years to come. Yes, do leave a legacy behind. For people will not remember how much money you had or how many degrees you had, but one act of kindness and compassion will be talked about by someone even at their death bed.

10 Ways To Live Life To Its Fullest... SEE:

So live life in a day to it's fullest by planting seeds of greatness that will come back to you each and every day, having multiplied and forever growing. For look around you and ask yourself, how the rich seems to always get richer and yet the poor with the little they have, they seem to lose more of it each day. It is all because each one is planting their own kind of seeds each day. The rich is confident, determined, curious and flexible. So he keeps planting seeds of success. But the poor is unsure, is depressed, and feeling sick. So the poor keeps planting seeds of failures. So live, live and live my friend by having love and warmth, by being appreciative and grateful, by being curious, by getting excited and passionate, by being determined, by being flexible, by being confident, by being cheerful, by feeling healthy and by contributing at all times. James Dazouloute

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