10 Ways For Police Officers To Be Great At Policing

How To Police Effectively... Is a struggle for Police Officers and Police Departments, as they must find the right balance to Protect and Serve. But also: To settle disputes, to enforce Local - State - Federal Laws, to save lives and to help others in general. And you already know that this is the kind of job where it's: Darn If You Do, And Darn If You Don't. So this is why it is the most stressful position in the world, right after being in Military Combat. And since for the Police, there is no real clear enemy because each person could be an upstanding law abiding Citizen one minute, and then the next become a violent criminal. But today, I intend to share with you the top 10 ways a Police Officer needs to be when doing his job, and that way he or she will reduce confrontations, will avoid getting sued, and most definitely will save lives.

First top way on how to police: Be Dependable.
People want to know that they can count on you, The Police. And when they call 911, they expect a response within 5 minutes. And so when dispatch is raising you on the radio, go ahead, answer and take that call. Then respond to that address as soon as possible, and you will speak greatly for yourself and the Department as to your dependability. And the people will stop thinking so little of the Police.

Second great way to have effective community policing: Be Courteous.
This is the number one complaint against Police Officers, that they are always rude. And there is a fine line between establishing Authority, and being plain rude. Especially when you are swearing, because the other person lives in the projects and you think this is the only way they can understand you. Believe it or not, people have common sense and they know authority, and even though they may act Crazy, they still respect you and expect you to act better than them.

Third step to be a great Police Officer: Show Interest.
When you are responding to a call, that person's situation has just become the most important in the world. To you and to them, after all this is why you took the Oath Of Office To Serve. So be attentive, and then repeat back what the person just said, because 90% of the time people just want somebody to care. It is part of human nature, that we all need someone to talk to and understand what we're going through, and not always so much to fix it.

Fourth way to Police: Be Helpful.
Saying I Don't Know to somebody before they even finish asking you a question is definitely not helpful. Since when you put on that badge and uniform, you are looked at as a Savior, and at the very least a Helper In All Things. So take the time to listen, and then offer at least 2 suggestions, and if you really don't know then call Dispatch or raise a Supervisor on the radio. And I guarantee you that they will know. Be Helpful and improve the image of the entire Police Department.

Fifth step in being a wonderful Police Officer: Be Tactful
Being tactful encompasses a lot of things, but it mostly has to do with Knowing How To Talk To People, what to say and how to say it. Also showing the proper degree of respect. And really you just have to look at yourself and realize how you want people to deal with you, how you want them to handle the information you are sharing with them, also how to respond back to you.

Sixth way on how to Police: Be Confident.
There is an old saying: Fake It Until You Make It... And it is still true to this day. And in your job as a Police Officer, you must always be confident that you are able to handle any and everything. Because you have at your disposal all the resources that you will ever need to protect and serve. So when dealing with the public, don't shrug your shoulders, and don't say I don't know. Your confidence have to do with The Inner Self, and it is the energy that radiates from within you and out to the people around you. Because they called you to help, not to say: Well what can I do, I am not God.

Seventh way to do community policing: Be Discreet.
Whatever you are handling, do not put the business of that individual out there. Meaning, yes do let Dispatch know as well as other Officers who need to know. But after that, just be discreet in handling a situation, because the other person still needs to retain their dignity. After all, what if that was you that fell in a hole, or lock your keys inside the car, or made a mistake and did something silly.

Eighth way to protect and serve: Be Impartial.
This is another great problem with Police Officers, because they are human beings, then they have their own bias, their own prejudice, their own preferences, and their own subconscious ways of being. And it is normal for you to respond to a Domestic Violence call, and automatically assume that it is the Man who is the aggressor, because your Daddy was always that way with your Mom. Or to always assume that a certain ethnic group is always the guilty party when there is an argument, just because you had a roommate in College who shared that ethnicity and was always arguing. Don't Get Sued.

Ninth way on how to Police: Be Calm.
A nervous Cop is a dangerous Cop... And you have heard this saying times and times again. So stay calm, so you could think. After all you've been trained to handle stressful situations, and you don't hear The Marines losing their cool just because they are under fire. So remain calm and deal, after all is this not what your Department always teaches you to say to people when they are bleeding to death?.

Tenth way to be a Great Police Officer: Be Patient.
Having a short fuse will get you into more trouble, and shorten your career as a Police Officer more than anything. Imagine if the Angels or even God had a very short temper and also impatient in dealing with others, then you and I would not exist. Yes do your job, yes take control of the situation, yes settle that dispute, but you must always remain calm and patient. Because 90% of the time things have a way of just working themselves out, and the other 10% is where you come in. James Dazouloute
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