10 Horrible Crimes These Celebrities Have Been Accused Of

10 Horrible Crimes These Celebrities Have Been Accused Of

The life of a celebrity is not all roses, but the fans make the celebrities lifestyles out to be perfect. And those fans even go on to make those celebrities out to be gods. Except the god of those religions are 5th. And 6th. Dimension beings who live off energy and prayers. Also those gods are shape shifters and density beings who can make their bodies as big as giants or as small as ants. But those human celebrities are 3rd. Dimension beings who live off meats, vegetables and fruits. Also they don't get fully recharged when someone prays to them from a thousand miles away, but only have their egos enlarged at concerts when 50,000 fans are screaming out their names. And so I tell you all this to show you that those human celebrities are in fact imperfect and weak beings that are capable of making the same mistakes that you are capable of, and because they get scared like you do, then they too can murder someone in cold blood and then try to hide it from the authorities. And so hopefully this article about the 10 Horrible Crimes These Celebrities Have Been Accused Of, can be a wake up call for you to stop worshiping those celebrities, to stop giving your love and devotion to them, but only to appreciate their gift in those areas they are great at, and thank the ultimate Source that sent them down here to entertain you and allow you to go to a different place mentally. And if you can remember this one advice from me, then not only will you become a more grounded person, but you will also help those human celebrities to remain grounded, and therefore they will no longer need drugs and alcohol just so they can cope with the heavy demands, responsibilities and expectations you have placed upon them to be perfect as gods, which they could never be in this 3rd. Dimension.

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