10 Best Cars With Low Emissions To Drive

What Is Car Emission... That you hear the Local, State and National Governments are making such a big fuss about? After all you only have one 

little car that you only drive to and from work, and it doesn't smoke badly or make a lot of noise. So why do they make you pay your hard-earned money every year to take Emissions Test?. And dear friend, you have every right to have this kind of reasoning, and to even ask some of these questions. And today I intend to help you understand what car emissions are and the effect they have on your breathing for life, along with the Cancer they may bring to your body.
Car emissions come from the burning of Gasoline fuel from your car, that are pushed out through your muffler pipes. And the pollutions that car emissions create rise up into the atmosphere, and create moisture. And you already know that you breathe the air that is in the atmosphere, and then that moisture form up and come back down in the form of rain, acidic rain. Now air pollution is made up of many different components, and do not just come from your car, but also from 18 wheeler trucks, also from ships, also from airplanes, also from nuclear reactor plants, also from factories that are manufacturing the items you use around your house, also from forest fires, and a lot of others. 

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And all of those attributes contribute greatly to the air quality that you are breathing inside your lungs, and which your brain uses as oxygen to help you think and live. And you have heard that if your spouse is smoking, and you continually hang around him or her, then you will suffer from 2nd. Hand Smoking, which may later on cause you to have lung cancer. Well you are breathing bad air from just one person, now imagine you are breathing this bad air from everywhere around you. Except that air pollution from car emissions, by the time it comes back down to you to breathe in, does not smell as bad as cigarettes do, and you may not even smell it. But you are breathing all this toxic air from childhood, and just like with smoking, your lungs do not go bad in one day, then so it is as well for all the bad air you are breathing.

Now important to tell you that you have many different car emissions, or Motor Vehicle Emissions as properly called, such as: Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur oxide, and volatile organic compounds. And all these come from different equipments, different places, and different items that are used in running our daily lives. And the Cities, States and National Governments, all became concerned way back in the early 1980's as to the air quality in our atmosphere. And after all, it was very self evident because you could be sitting in bad traffic and plainly smell all the sulfuric acid that make you want to vomit, as well as see all the smokes on a very cool morning. 

As well when it rains, you can see the grass in your yard turning brown, you can see all the little plants and their leaves, have holes and turning brown and then dying. You can see inexplicably how fishes from lakes are popping up and dying. And then you hear everyday how science is discovering brand new types of cancer, that are attributed to the environment like lung cancer, skin cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer and so on. And they are having a hard time in finding a cure, because the effects of car emissions that are polluting the earth and the environment take a long time to come forward. And so when one person gets sick, it is hard to pinpoint the exact origin. By James Dazouloute

And Now: 10 Best Cars With Low Emissions To Drive.. See

  1. Toyota Prius  
  2. Honda Civic Hybrid  
  3. Honda Insight  
  4. Ford Fusion Hybrid  
  5. smart fortwo  
  6. Nissan Altima Hybrid 
  7. Honda Civic CNG  
  8. Toyota Camry Hybrid 
  9. Ford Escape Hybrid  
  10. Mini Cooper and Clubman  

This list was developed by first searching the U.S. EPA and DOE’s valuable fueleconomy.gov


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