10 Benefits Of Parsley Your Pharmacist Should Know

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Parsley is a very weird little herb, because you could walk right past it and just look at it as just another weed, but it could actually be your best friend in disguise. And there is a myth about Parsley that you are probably not aware of, and it is that the Greeks once thought and believed that King Archemorous, the fertility king, had the herb growing in his blood. But supposedly that king was also the forerunner of death, and so parsley became associated with death or being near death, hence the saying "This person only needs parsley", in other words he or she was near death. Also for virgins who planted the herb, it was believed that they risked impregnation by the devil himself.

So I hope you are starting to see just how weird Parsley can be, since one minute it can get someone pregnant, and another minute it is a precursor to death. But now that science had a chance to study parsley, they say that it is of the family Apiaceae, which is in the same family with carrots, celery, angelica etc... And it has volatile oils and flavanoids, and the oil supposedly can neutralize cancer since it has chemo protective benefits, and the flavanoids are antioxidants.

The herb also has other beneficial properties including:
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant


10 Benefits Of Parsley Your Pharmacist Should Know
  1. Anemia-prevention
  2. Bladder infection prevention and treatment
  3. Digestive aid
  4. Kidney health
  5. Bad breath treatment
  6. Anti-arthritis
  7. Blood tonic and purifier
  8. Natural diuretic
  9. Gas reduction
  10. Indigestion soother

Also it is said, and you must try those things out to see for yourself, that Parsley tea can relax stiff muscles. Also Parsley oil, if you massage it into the scalp, it may reduce hair loss. Additionally, Parsley is rich in Vitamin C, B 12, K and A, and so it can tone your bones, it can give you energy boosts and heal your nervous system as well. And let's not forget that the folic acid in this herb is like a tonic for your heart and it can also purify your blood.

  • So should I say more about the benefits of parsley, since you now know all the basics about it and how great it is for your health? And your pharmacist should have that information as well since you can buy parsley at your local drugstore in different forms, but just in case, there you have it my friend.

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