10 Bathtubs That Will Never Clog Like Your Sink

When you are taking a bath, you are centered, you have found your place of zen and you have arrived at your small corner of heaven. Because the amount of water that your bathtub can hold will remove all toxins from your body, also water will refresh you as well allow you to re-connect with the perfect moment when you entered this world after your mother's water was broken. And so every time you take a bath, you are rejuvenated, you are reborn and you can solve every problem that you face while you are meditating in the bathtub water. And so I hope that you are beginning to see just how important it is for you to have the right bathtub in your little home, also this is why today I am sharing these 10 beautiful and elegant bathtubs that will never clog up like your sink does

1. This is as elegant as a bathtub gets

2. What is that, a granite bathtub?

3. It's the little things that make life worth living, like this welcoming floor bathtub

4. Just let your bathtub rejuvenates you

5. Amazing bathtub with a waterfall -- see the other side below

6. Is this type of bathtub possible yet?

7. After a long day at work, you just need your tub and a good movie

8. His and hers bathtub. I don't know, I still like to touch my sweetheart.

9. This bathtub is all you need with all the accessories

10. Now this bathtub is taking you to another place in the universe, a peaceful place.


Some things to consider when you want to have a great bathtub in your home:
  • Think about hot water. - The bigger your tub the more hot water you'll need. So think about the size of your water heater.
  • Consider weight. - Because a bathtub can weigh a lot, so if you have wood floors, make sure it can hold the weight.
  • Materials costs. - And that is important, because you have to decorate around the tub and accessorize the room to have the full relaxation effect.
  • Look at the construction. - How was the tub built, plastic, porcelain, cast iron?
  • Durability is important. - You want a bathtub that will last you a good 10 years, because remodeling your bathroom is not something you are going to do every year.
  • Check the warranty. - Make sure they give you a long term warranty, because you don't want leaks, cracks or for the paint to start peeling
  • Know your drain placement. - Because you may have to reroute it to fit your tub, but keep in mind that all drains must be pointing downward
  • Consider the rim. - Because with you new bathtub, you may need extra space for you to put your lotions, your soap, your music etc..
  • Can you refinish or reline your tub?  - And as the tub gets old, can you spruce it up, can you re-glaze it and can you add a new rubber layer to it?
  • Want a shower, too?. - Because there are times you and your sweetheart may engage in extra curricular activity in the tub and you may want to take a quick shower afterward just to rinse off. 
So go ahead and get your own bathtub that fits your needs best, so you can begin to relax every time you take a bath, just like you used to when you were a little baby having fun taking a bath, when life was perfect. James Dazouloute


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