Your Love Is My Life. A Love Poem

 Your love is my duty, my life, my way of living Darling... A Poem--

Love is eating me up inside, Love is cornering me at every turn and she is seducing me to follow her so I could fall deeper into the well of romantic fantasies. And that is all because I have made you my entire world ever since the day you became the love of my life my darling, and I can't stop living without your romantic words, without your seductive eyes, your perfect smile, your wonderful body, your amazing personality, your passion for us to be as one and your greatness that infects me hourly. Oh how your love has become my life sweetheart!


How I have wished for you from the time I became aware of the powers of romantic love, and how I grow more and more in love with us being in love, with us needing each other so badly and with us being a team, one unit. So yes, I admit it sweetheart, your love is my life,


And now your ways are my ways Sweetie, your dreams have become a part of my world and have melted with my own, your passion for life excites me and it only increases my passion for our love to become great and then light up the whole world. Oh my love, how you give me purpose, how you enrich me, how you make me see things clearly and what is truly important. And now through you I see God, I see what the Holy Trinity was talking about when they describe that because God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son....


Oh how great you are my baby, how wonderful it is to know that your mission is to help me to become the perfect lover, oh how amazing I feel when you surround me with your love and your passion, and how perfect your love is for me and that is why your love, is my life sweetheart. 

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And now I see the whole world through your eyes, now I know how to love you for the rest of my life, and now I know how to light up a candle to our love so we can rise up and shine brightly. And then we can help light up the flames of love inside each person who is also looking for their perfect love, and the the whole world will be truly in love for the very first time.

Oh my God! How you have blessed me, how you have given me the best gift in the universe, and how you have showed pity on my soul by giving me the love of my life at an early age, so that my journey here will not be so harsh. Oh great spirit of Love, how grateful I am to you for blessing me with the only person who is perfect for me and now I feel invincible, now I feel  all powerful and now I can give back to God, His universe, and I can repay Love by being the best lover in the world. And now that love is my life, I have the only mission that is worth pursuing, and that is to love my Baby with all my heart, all my soul and all my strengths from now until Kingdom Come. A Lover Full Of Life Because Of  Your Love, James Dazouloute -- Copyrighted Writings

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