Why You Must Watch What You Say To Be Blessed

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Watch What You Say, So That God Could Bless You Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Yes beloved do watch what you say to your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord, because for every word you speak you will be judged on it. Yes, do learn to guard your tongue so that your holy angel who is assigned to watch over you and report on you, can have great and perfect things to say to the Lord about you. And you have also heard that people have died just for saying the wrong thing, or that war has been started by people flapping their gums once too often.


So to watch what you say is only good karma, because what would you want people to say about you and what would you want them to say to you during conversations?. Also as you well know, your words can uplift someone so much that he or she can accomplish the seemingly impossible. And your words can cause anger in others, your words can demoralize a person and your words can make you an enemy for life. And like it is written in your Bible: The tongue is the smallest member of the body, and yet it is the hardest to control. In your tongue lies the power of life and death, the power of healing, the power to encourage, the power of faith to move God, the power to make others fall madly in love with you, the power to heal yourself and the power to make mountains move from their establishments. So with all this power in your tongue, why do you focus so much on being negative, on gossiping, on slandering, on libel, or murdering your brother's and sister's character?.


And besides you keep ” Flip – Flopping “ on God, and He is having a super hard time blessing you and making your wishes come true. Because one minute you're blessing and praising God along with blessing your brothers and sisters with good wishes, and the next you're cussing  someone out down the street, or a stranger who cut you off driving in the streets. How can garbage and flower come out of the same pot?. How can hell and heaven be found living together, and how can indecency and purity be found walking together?. You have got to stop this mess beloved, and you must choose today what exactly you are going to use your tongue for. You have to either speak positive things, or you are just going to live your life swearing, and gossiping and lying. Choose.


Watch What You Say, So That God Could Bless You Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. Because you are an amazing being full of love and richness, full of compassion and joy, full of Godliness and purity, full of blessings and power. And God wants you to keep perfecting yourself as He is perfect, He does want you to be like Him since He created you in His image.  So please stop being a puppet, even though you claim you're grown and know who you are, and stop letting inferior beings get to you and manipulate you, or let this barbaric culture influence you, or even allow the demonic spirits to turn you every which way. And then you end up using your tongue to speak evil, to play victim, to join others in gossiping, to crucify others and speak before you have all the facts.

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No beloved, if someone does you wrong then hold back your tongue and go to God with it. Because He told you that vengeance is His and He will repay, and besides He has established karma to come back around and around. So do live like God each and every day, and in His Bible He even told you that even a fool is thought to be wise when he is silent. 


Look at this: Mary Jane gossiped about you at work and spread some nasty rumors about you, and  Elizabeth came and told you about it. Now you go to the bathroom and are hurt, but you begin to pray to God and lay all this heavy injustice and burden on Him. And your guardian angel is a witness to all the wrong that has been done to you, and so God now begins to move for you by sending down a blessing and a gift for you; and at the same time He has ordered punishment to come to Mary Jane. So all things are on their way, justice and vengeance. But as soon as you come out of the bathroom, the demonic spirit who is assigned to tempt you, now uses the same Elizabeth to tell you if that was her she would give Mary Jane a piece of her mind, or go to the boss and Elizabeth would be willing to testify for you and get Mary Jane handled. Now for an instant you forget all about God and the prayer in the bathroom and you go for it. And as soon as you do, all justice and vengeance from God's realm is stopped, and why?. Because God will never fight for you as long as you do it yourself, and he will not  share His glory with you. And so God had sent you a gift and was going to get you promoted the following month because of this unexpectedly, and Mary Jane was going to get herself fired by being constantly late because God had removed His favor from her. But all this has been stopped because you could not watch what you say, or hold back your tongue and all Mary Jane got was a simple warning from the boss. Or you could be that Mary Jane on some days, so do you see  why you must Watch What You Say, So That God Could Bless You Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?. Your Spiritual Advisor, James Dazouloute

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