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Google has been taking over the Internet for over 10 years now and there are no other companies that can even come close to competing with it and its business model. And because it has cornered the market in "Search Queries", then that has allowed it to create a super strong revenue stream through its Adsense business, where all businesses are able to set up campaign ads to attract visitors back to their site through the Google search engine along with through partners who are website owners and have Google ads placed on their site, as part of a revenue sharing program. And just think of how many searches people do in one day, and how many websites that are on the Internet where you will see Ads displaying on all their pages as soon as you arrive on their site. And so you can begin to understand just how Google is able to make so many billions of dollars every year from its Adsense service. Also it is of no surprise that Google's shares are so high, see the article below:

"Today Google is certainly in the spotlight because it's having one of it's best days in the history of Wall Street," said Daniel Deming, managing director at KKM Financial. "It's amazing you're seeing this market being able to recoup once (bad news) is taken away. ... I think this has been a classic study in how the psychology of the market really has a big impact."
The Nasdaq Composite jumped nearly 1 percent to a new closing and intraday high as Google Class A stock briefly surged more than 16.5 percent to above $700 a share. The combined rally in both Class C and Class A shares—with a trade volume about 7 times normal—for a one-day increase of $65 billion at the close was the biggest one-day gain in history, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.
Both Google Class A and Class C closed up more than 16 percent, with Class A at $699.62 a share and Class C at $672.93 a share. Google had its best week since 2004, helping the tech sector post its best week since 2011.
The Nasdaq gained 4.25 percent for the week, its best since October. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 1.84 percent for the week and the S&P 500 rose 2.41 percent, with both indices posting their best week since March 20. 

Shares of Etsy leaped 30.60 percent in heavy volume trade after Google mentioned in its conference call that developers like the e-commerce site are seeing a boost in traffic as a result of deep linking.

Google Class A shares 5-day performance

"The sentiment on Google has been excessively negative," said Scott Kessler of S&P Capital IQ."The results were reassuring when I think about what the company communicated."
He also pointed out that in its earnings report after the close Thursday, the tech giant beat on earnings per share for the first time in nearly two years.
S&P Capital IQ downgraded its rating on Google to "hold" from "strong buy" in intraday trade Friday as the surge in the stock put it at a premium to the internet software and services sub-sector and an upside of only 3 percent to S&P's $715 price target.
The Dow Jones industrial average held lower, as Intel and Boeing weighed, while the S&P 500 came within 5 points of its record close as information technology leaped 1.75 percent but the 9 other sectors declined.
Credit: http://www.cnbc.com/2015/07/17/us-stocks-open-mixed-amid-earnings-data.html 



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