Why Michael Jordan Will Always Be The Greatest


Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player to ever come along in this great game. And not because Mr. Wilt Chamberlain, or Mr. Larry Bird, or even Mr. Magic Johnson were not great and perfect as well, but because Mr. Jordan created his own world as a basketball player and legend. And just like any other great Pioneer, he carved his own path and was not afraid to open up new worlds, new fantasies, new strategies, and even new dreams for one and all who had the pleasure of watching him play, watching him speak, and even watching him in the Commercials. And I tell you all this, not because Michael Jordan was perfect as a human being, but because his heart and  longing to play basketball to entertain others were perfect.


So Mr. Jordan, when he was playing, showed class. And again I do not mean that he never had a fight with another player, nor did he not have any mishaps with his coaches and upper management. But he showed class in the ways that he lived to play Basketball, and he showed it in the ways that he would hold press conferences after each game. For never was anyone more articulate, never was a player so well coordinated in thought, in speech and in demeanor. Also he showed class in the ways that he interacted with the Referees when he was on the court, and he had such an effect on them, that many times they would not call a foul against him, because they would give him the benefit of the doubt. And it's not because he was not human after all, and sometimes was prideful, but it is because he understood what the game of basketball meant for him, his Dad and the spectators who were watching him play.

Additionally, Michael Jordan was a Great Representative of Basketball. Not because the other great players like Mr. Robinson, or Mr. Clive Drexler, Or Mr. Larry Bird were not as well. But Mr. Jordan set his mark by always being mindful of the duties that were set upon his shoulders, with having won so many championships with his basketball teammates. Also with his superb abilities to perform such great acrobatics. And he also was a great trendsetter with the Bald Headed Look, as well as Sticking Out Of The Tongue when performing his best plays. So he represented the game of Basketball to Billions through his commercials of different products, through his leadership, through his movies, and through his great love for all that is Basketball.

On top of that, Mr. Jordan Built a Legacy like no one else probably will ever could. For he appealed to all the Masses, to all genres, and to all caste. Because it did not matter if anyone was white, black, Asian, Spanish, African, Arabs or any other specie, for they all loved this great Player. And because of him many children and many adults, have taken up the game of Basketball, and have become fans where they would never otherwise. And there were many occasions, when the great Michael Jordan would be more recognized worldwide than the Late Pope John Paul II, a well beloved Spiritual Leader Of 1 billion people of the Catholic Faith. Now as you can see, this kind of Legacy is unmatched ever since the game of basketball was created, where a Sports Player is known by more than half of humanity ( At least 3 Billion at the time. ) 

So these reasons are why the game of basketball will never have another Michael Jordan. And while there will be many other great players who will win a great many championships, but the great carbon imprint that Mr. Jordan left upon the world  is immortalized. And even though he did not achieve any of this alone, for it took his teammates, his coaches, his Father, his image consultants, his family, his upper management, to help make him so great and wonderful, as well as Perfect in so many ways. And so with that, We Thank You Michael Jordan for being a great Philanthropist, who spent your career improving the lives of Humanity.   James Dazouloute''

And Now, 10 Great Michael Jordan Moments












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