Top 20 Business News Headlines To Save You $

 How To Make Money With These Top 20 Business News --
Your money is your business, and your business is your life. So you need to stay abreast of the business world and all that it has going on, because the money you earn from your job, your business, your self-employment... All have to come from the public who are part of the business world. And so if the business world is doing bad, especially now that the whole world is electronically connected, then I can guarantee you that sooner than later it will all trickle down into your neck of the woods, right down to your bank account. Also not to forget, the more you are on top of the financial events that are going on around you, then the more opportunities will lie at your feet for you to get rich beyond your wildest dreams. Especially since information gives you power to take actions on future events where you can benefit tremendously financially. And so it is in this spirit that I am sharing with you today these "Top  20 Business News Headlines To Save You Money" and make you money. Because for every action there is a reaction to come forth, for every piece of news there is somebody to be affected, for every dollar that is made by you - someone somewhere has lost their dollar. So keep up with your business. Your Business Adviser, James Dazouloute

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1. 12-year-old hired as VP at start up

2. NC student protests parking ticket by paying fine with 11,000 pennies 

3. China's stockmarket slump - explained in 60 seconds

4. States line up to scrutinize Aetna's $33 billion Humana deal

5. Lehman's Fuld defeats employee lawsuit over retirement losses


8. The World's 11th Richest Man Worth $32 Billion Admits To Taking Controversial IQ Boosting Pill. But Does It Really Work?



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