The One Percent And The 99 Percent Problem


How Does The One Percent Plan To Destroy YOU And The Rest Of Humanity? Since You are looking at the News every single day, along with Your income as a Business Owner, and they are both telling You the exact same thing:  You are having less and less Money, less and less Housing, less and less Resources, less and less Business, less and less Customers, and even less and less Opportunities. Yet You and Your Family can't seem to understand WHY? Well today, Fellow Money Getter, I intend to share with You 4 things that the One Percent are doing to You to destroy You, and how they all tie in together in their secret agenda to control the whole world.... Including You.


How Does The One Percent Plan To Destroy YOU? 
Their plan is to create conflict.
You see Beloved, whenever You and Your family are getting along, then you all pool your monies and other resources together, and all bills are paid on time. Then there is always plenty left over on the table to invest and grow your portfolio, and so that way you can start to create and build your Legacy to leave behind, and make your mark in the world. But if they can start rumors, or create doubts, or establish distrust in the minds of your loved ones, then it will be everybody for themselves as the misguided conflicts grow bigger and stronger. And of course by then, only your money and resources are working alone, and you can only get so far in life before you have to take a 2nd. Job to work for the One Percent, or lose your home and you have to go out and rent another home from them, or have to take a big chance and invest in very risky investment which will then take away all the little bit of money you have left, and the One Percent will have to loan you some money and keep You as Slave to them. 

Now, take this  on a Global Family Level, where Humanity is supposed to be one big race working together for the advancement of Mankind, and a better lifestyle where everyone can live comfortably with their fair share of monies and resources. And now each family is fighting among itself, each country and its citizen are fighting among themselves. Then each country and continent are turning on another due to Conflicts, Distrust, Doubts, Rumors, Gossips, And Even Imagined Enemies in Spiritual Matters between the different Religions of the world. Now are You beginning to see how the One Percent Plans to first destroy You, then expand to Your Global Family? James Dazouloute



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