It-s So Hard To Say Goodbye -- A Love Poem

 A Love Poem About Saying Goodbye To Love...SEE

My heart is bleeding, my mind is losing, my hands are shaking, my feet are running, my body is trembling, my lips are sticking and my eyes are crying. All because of you my dear sweet love who decided to tell me Goodbye. 

I am, well I am speechless my wonderful sweetheart because I did not have time to learn the word Goodbye, or the expression of it or even the meaning of saying that word. And because I am at your mercy, because I am what you made me and because I am in love with you and nothing else, then I do not know anything about living this life other than what you have taught me with your pure and perfect love. And so you saying Goodbye is something new to me Baby...


Did I do something wrong my love, did I let you down, did I speak the wrong words, did I fail to be all you need me to be, did I make a mistake and rubbed you the wrong way, did I not make love to you the ways you wanted me to???.... Oh, it's so hard to say Goodbye, it's so hard to hear you say it, it's so hard to even imagine that those words would ever come out of your mouth, and it's even impossible to imagine life with you my sweet heaven.


Yes, it is hard to say Goodbye, especially when we made plans to be together forever, especially when my heart became your willing slave from the moment we met, especially when my ears only live to listen to your heart beats, and especially when my eyes only duty are to look at you and your perfect shape my love.

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Oh my Baby, my Darling, where are you going from me that you have to say Goodbye? Are you going to China, or maybe Dubai, or Russia, or maybe Indonesia? Because my heart knows no distance when it comes to your love, and so wherever you may go, my heart - my life and my dreams will always be here waiting on you my perfect love. Oh why Goodbye my love? Why?


I am clueless, I am dumbfounded, I am seeking answers through this love poem my sweetheart, because I remember we said "Together Forever". Is Forever over, or is Together no longer my Angel? Please help me to make sense of this, please give me a chance to understand exactly what you need right now, please my sweet love allow me to be all that you need to be... Just don't say Goodbye. 


Don't say I'll see you around, don't utter the words "I am leaving", don't keep thinking about making a new life for yourself Baby, because my heart belongs to you, my body must continually move in unison with yours, my mind is the canvas where you created all the dreams for us that are to come true, and my fingers only have but one mission - to caress you at all times. 


So please don't say Goodbye, because it's so hard to say it and for me to be alone forever, for there is no other made on this earth for me but you, and there is no reason to accomplish anything in this world without running to you to show you and tell you about it my love. Oh whatever will I do now that you are saying Goodbye? Oh Me, Oh Baby, Oh Love why are your forsaking us, oh Dreams - why do you stop becoming a reality? A Confused and Homeless Lover, James Dazouloute ------- Copyrighted Writings 清韋勒,你為什麼要離開我的愛

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