5 Best Places To Work For Online


The best jobs to get are the ones Online where you can stay home and make money. Because it has been said over and over again: Only stay in bed if you can make money in bed. And by being able to work at home online, then you are living true to that statement. But how do you navigate and find the real companies that can afford you to stay at home in bed and work to make money? Because there are so many scams online where every website is promising you that you can make super easy money instantly, but as you and I both know, that is just a big pot of lies. However, there are a few legitimate companies online that really afford you to work at home and get paid a decent wage for your time and services. And so this is why today I am sharing 5 Of these best places to work with you:


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1. Textbroker

textbrokerIf you are interested in freelance writing but are not sure where to begin,Textbroker.com is a nice place to start. Once you sign up with Textbroker you are asked to choose your areas of expertise. These are the topics you would like to write about. You then compose a sample piece in order to be rated.

2. LiveOps

liveopsLiveOps is a company that hires virtual call center agents. When you work for Live Ops you are considered an independent contractor with your own business. You are responsible for paying for your own criminal background check prior to starting work (this costs around $30). You also must have your own dedicated phone line and a quiet workspace.

3. YouEye

YouEyeIf you’re looking to make some extra money, YouEye.com is a fabulous resource. This company conducts usability tests on websites. All you need is a web camera and a computer to get started. After signing up, you’ll receive an email when there is a test available for you to conduct. You then log in and carry out various simple tasks such as, “Look for the price of a digital camera in this online store.” The web cam will track your eye movement and you will be asked for feedback on your experience with the website.

4. Leapforce

LeapforceIf you are interested in improving the quality of search engines, you will enjoy working for Leapforce. When you work for Leapforce you generally are asked to review search engine results and rank them on how relevant they are to the search query in question. This job pays $13.50 per hour and you can log in and work any time you wish as long as there is work available.

5. Fancy Hands

Fancy HandsIf you’re looking for a lot of variety in your work, you may want to sign up to work as a virtual assistant for Fancy Hands. Once you are a Fancy Hands assistant, you can log on any time and browse all of the tasks that people are requesting. These can be anything from proofreading, to making sales calls, to finding a restaurant that serves a specific food in a specific city.




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