33 Great Inventions From The Past


When you think of Inventions, you will usually think about flying cars, or great computers that can run your entire life, or you may even think about virtual simulation where you can change your reality as many times as you want, but I must tell you that the best inventions are usually the simplest little things that you would never think you need, and yet every single minute of the day you use them like your watch, your microwave, your shoes etc... But the most important question is, when will it be your turn to invent something that can not only benefit you but the whole of Humanity as well and will continue to be useful to the world long after you are dead and gone? And I ask you this Beloved because you have to contribute to this civilization, and because you simply just can not keep on taking, but must also add. And so this is why today I am sharing with you these 33 great events, tools and people  so you could use them as a platform for your creative juices to start flowing. James Dazouloute

But First, were you aware that?:

NBC and AT&T used corporate and government bullying to destroy the life of Edwin Armstrong, the inventor of FM radio, leading to his suicide – Source
Robert Taylor, inventor of soap-in-a-pump-bottle (Softsoap), knew larger competitors like Colgate would try to copy his product. In order to ensure that they couldn’t copy him, he bought every small bottle hand-pump (100 million bottles) in the US. This resulted in a year of the market to himself. – Source
Ingo Potrykus, the co-inventor of golden rice (a genetically engineered, vitamin-A-rich strain of rice that could save millions of lives in developing countries), has called for his product to be distributed for free to poor farmers. – Source   

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The inventor of the LASER fought with both the US Patent office and LASER manufacturers for a period of 38 years before finally achieving the right to both obtain and enforce patents covering the LASER technology he invented. – Source
Mikhail Kalishnikov, inventor of the AK-47, greatly regretted having invented the weapon, and is quoted as saying “I would prefer to have invented a machine that people could use and that would help farmers with their work, for example a lawnmower.” – Source


1. contestants at a beauty pageant who didn't want to judge them on their looks.

Source: Mark A Rayner

2. An Iron Lung ward used for treating children with polio. [c. 1930s]

3. A woman undergoes anti-freckle treatment. [c. 1930s]

4. Melted and damaged mannequins after a fire at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. [1930]

Source: Reddit

5. Max Schreck sitting in between takes of the silent movie Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror [1922]

6. Two women wearing bird headdresses have a chat.

Source: Reddit

7. Patrons at Hell's Cafe in Paris, which shut down some time in the mid-20th century.

Source: Reddit

8. A terrifying vintage Halloween costume. [1910]

Source: Reddit

9. Two engineers fix a Disney animatronic.

Source: Deceptology

10. A Mickey Mouse gas mask, which was used to make the devices more appealing to children. [1942]

Source: Cracked

11. An early family photo gone creepily-wrong.

12. Myrtle Corbin, who was born in 1868 with an extra pelvis. Myrtle spent her early years in a circus sideshow.

Source: Cracked

13. Two clowns and Santa visit a girl in hospital. [c. 1950s]

Source: Reddit

14. An early example of "horsemanning", the 1920's version of "planking."

15. Two parents posed with their dead daughter in the middle. When photography was expensive, you would have a photo taken at your birth, your wedding and your death. [c. Victorian Era]

16. A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “home” while living in a "residence for disturbed children." [1948]

Source: Reddit

17. American troops in Brewster body armor. [1917]

Source: Reddit

18. Mental patient Katharina Detzel, who built her own man out of the straw in her bed. [1910]

Source: Reddit

19. The isolater, a hood that shut out all sound. Oxygen was piped in through a tank and the eyes had slits so you could only see one line of text at a time. [1925]

Source: Cracked

20. Children on Halloween [c. 1900s]

Source: Reddit

21. Santa wasn't always cheerful.

Source: Reddit

22. Contestants at a "Miss Lovely Eyes" pageant in Florida. They wore masks so that judges only scored them on their eyes. [1930]

Source: FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

23. A nurse and a new born baby pose in their gas masks. [1940]

Source: Reddit

24. A shell shocked soldier gives a thousand yard stare. [c. 1916 - 1918]

25. An early R'lyehian steam train after a boiler explosion.

Source: Reddit

26. Neurologist Duchenne de Boulogne electrocuting a man's face in order to study facial muscles. France. [1862]

27. A meeting of the Mickey Mouse Club. [c. 1930s]

28. The poor man's Halloween costume. [c. 1940s]

29. Two patrons at the Rothschild "Illuminati" party. [1972]

Source: Reddit

30. Ella Harper, who suffered from a disorder that weakens the ligaments in the knees, was known as Camel Girl. [c. 1870–1921]

Source: Cracked

31. A Navajo man dressed up as a Nayenezgani spirit.

Source: Reddit

32. Ventriloquist Jules Vernon with his horrifying family of puppets. [c. 1867 - 1937]

33. Boys returning from their initiation into the Poro, a secret society in parts of Africa. [1936]

Source: Sjoerd Hofstra


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