13 Problems Short Women Face Daily

Short Women have the worst of times at doing things, and because of that they tend to be easily frustrated. And so this is why when you date a short woman, you have to be careful not to upset her, since she will be taking all her previous
13-problems-short-women-face-daily-- SEE:

 frustrations out on you all at once. But to be fair, life is really hard on short people, and for the ones who are really short then it is a living hell. And just imagine, how short women live around the world, here are some statistics:

NORTH AMERICA: United States women are an average petite, 5’3”; Canadian women’s average height also is 5’3”; while Central Americans are even more petite, with a typical Mexican woman reaching a height of only 5’1”, and Guatemalan women, being some of the shortest women in the world, measuring only 4’6”.
SOUTH AMERICA: Colombian women have an average height of 5’2.4”, but in Brazil, women are a little more petite at 5’2.2”; Argentines are a little taller, standing at 5’3.4”.
 ASIA: Across the continent, there is a height difference of 7” from country to country, with the most petite women living in Indonesia at 4’10” on average, and the tallest women living in India, standing an average, 5’5”. Philippine women are among the shortest in the continent at a very petite 4’11”.

Also, Some Things You Should Not Say To A Short Women:
  1. "I think my 12-year-old is taller than you!"
  2. "Disney World is always hiring your size for costume characters."
  3. "Can you reach that for me?"
  4. "You're like a little doll."
  5. "Sorry I stepped on you."
  6. "If you were any shorter, I'd call you Yoda!"
  7. "Are you short enough to technically be considered a little person?"
  8. Anything involving the term "fun-sized."
  9. "I can use you as an arm rest!"
  10. "Short women don't age as fast."

And Now, 13 Problems Short Women Face Daily

1. Having to use countertops as counter bottoms.

2. People feeling compelled to point out the obvious.

if i had a dollar for every time someone called me short...

3. Explaining this to people.

Explaining this to people.

4. Mastering the grand art of cuffing.

Having to do this to every pair of jeans I have because if they fit my waist they're too long. #shortgirlproblems

5. …or else this happens.

...or else this happens.

6. Always being the last to get anywhere.

Always being the last to get anywhere.

7. Maxi skirts become maxi dresses.

Maxi skirts become maxi dresses.

8. …and every skirt becomes a maxi skirt.

...and every skirt becomes a maxi skirt.

9. Adjusting your car seat after someone tall has driven it.

10. Grocery stores turn into ersatz rock-climbing walls.

When you can't reach the powdered sugar on the top shelf...@BrikMobley @SHORTGlRLS #shortgirlproblems

11. And sometimes you just give in.

And sometimes you just give in.

12. Bathroom mirrors just don’t seem to get it.

Bathroom mirrors just don't seem to get it.

13. Snow. Any snow.

Snow. Any snow.


. Stores that don’t have a petites section.

. And sometimes you just give in.

And sometimes you just give in.


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