13 Funny News Bloopers To Enjoy

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News is supposed to be informing you of important information about life, events, situations, crimes, business and any other matter that will help you to live a better life. And at the same time, some news media outlets tend to do their best to make the news exciting, funny, silly and even annoying in some ways in order to increase viewership when ratings time come around. And that is not so bad, since the human mind must continuously be kept motivated, excited and entertained in order for it not to lose interest quickly in any subject matter. And so this is why some news media sometime end up going overboard with the ways they report and present the news, and they also go overboard with some of the things they allow their reporters to do on camera. And I say on camera, because in the TV world, everyone knows you are always on camera and everything you do and say are always being recorded. And so because of that, you have some funny bloopers that take place, some screwing around by reporters and even some silly acting by them. And this is why today I am sharing with you these 13 Funny News Bloopers To Enjoy:

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As a news reporter, you never want to be the story. But sometimes, your live broadcast doesn’t go exactly according to plan. Whether it’s extreme weather – or just idiots in the back of your shot looking to get famous on television – the news can quickly turn into a (thoroughly unplanned) comedy hour. Or the news reporter happens to be really really ridiculously good looking. Here are some of the best news bloopers ever caught on camera.

2. That tends to happen when you position the reporting booth so close to the action.

3. This news blooper happened because this poor news reporter did not fully pay attention to the screen graphic and to what her entire hand was touching on the screen.

4. This is Tina Fey just being silly on camera and giving high fives to a million angels...

5. Again, news reporter being too close to the scene and end up being part of the event

6. How many times must I tell those news reporters to stop being so close to the news and only to end up being the news?

7. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be dissed in public, but to be ignored on camera is even worse...

8. Now, is there anything that need to be said about this female news reporter, exposing all her goodies on national TV? Who goes on a small fishing boat with a short dress and high heels?


Source: Yourrepeat

From Live Fishing to Live Panties

This Cameraman captured the perfect blooper fail on live television. Apparently the news decided to go on a field trip to the local river and it turns out, viewers aren’t complaining. This female reporter was showing viewers the pretty solid sized fish(either a bass or a huge trout) they caught, and well, Murphy’s Law struck again. The cute reporter seemed to have no idea the fish was still alive and moving and dropped it as soon and she saw it shake. She was so terrified by it, she steps backwards and trips and the fisherman had the best day of his life. He clearly wasn’t prepared for her to fall on him but he surely didn’t mind. The cameraman along with the viewers were in for a 3 second show at that point. Thank you Live Television.

9. Quick question: What is that in between her legs?


Source: yourepeat

Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

This live News room blooper still has the world wondering what this news reporter was looking at and then hiding between her legs. It is weird enough that she would be lifting up her dress to look in between her legs in a public setting in general. But to know that the coworker next to you is on live television and still do it, is mind-boggling. Then again, didn’t the cameraman know she was busy? We all know what it sort of looks like, but why in the world would she have anything hidden under her dress while on the clock. her face is absolutely classic and she even fakes like she is looking at her screens right when she realizes she is caught red-handed. I doubt she can even read whats on her screens anyway. Anyone have any idea what is going on here?

10. This poor male news anchor being scared out of his wits at the sound of an oncoming earthquake. They say everybody is scared of something... So True!

11. Just a screen shot that happens to be improperly placed.


Source: MakeAGif

Do not call women pigs, especially on live TV.

OTS stands for the over-the-shoulder graphics that pop up next to anchors in the newsroom. Depending on the camera being used in the studio, the OTS is programmed to automatically show up on the part of the screen where you don’t see an actual person. Someone didn’t explain this to the tech director at one local news station, so a photo of a pig showed up in place of the face of the female anchor reading the story. Women don’t want to be compared to animals in general, but this is an especially low blow.

12. Some news reporters can be oblivious to what is going on around them, and this is why some of them have been getting robbed lately, while reporting the news


Source: MakeAGif

Sometimes, the background is the best part of a funny news blooper.

I’ll give credit where credit is due; the woman reporting this story is doing a solid stand up for what looks like an otherwise boring story. Luckily for her, and for viewers everywhere, her story gets a lot more interesting thanks to a bicyclist who doesn’t quite seem to have mastered the concept of the sidewalk. I would tell the guy “chin up,” but he’s already chin down in the concrete. That has to hurt.

13. Now this is what happens when everyone forget about what I said earlier: In the TV world, everyone knows you are always on camera and everything you do and say are always being recorded.


Source: MakeAGif

Who expected three old guys to turn a boring news talk show into a WWE showdown?

This isn’t so much a news blooper as it is an unorthodox way to make dry political talk very, very interesting. This clip leaves you with more questions than answers. What could possibly make these three old men so angry? Why was that studio desk so cheap in the first place? Seriously, it came apart faster than my resolve while assembling similar furniture from Ikea. Most importantly, who won the fight? I think we have an answer to that final question: When old geezers fight, the internet wins.


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