What Is MERS And How To Not Get Sick

 What Is Mers And How To Not Get Sick And Die
M.E.R.S. is the latest of diseases that is scaring the world, and just when you thought you had time to breathe from the Ebola Virus, now you are being told of a new potential epidemic that can kill you. And for those of you who still don't know, MERS stands for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and it is a viral respiratory illness caused by a virus. And so this disease affects your lungs and breathing tubes, and you will develop symptoms of Fever, Cough and Shortness of breath. And don't forget that there is a 40 to 50% chance of death that you will die if you contract MERS. And this disease has been traced to the Middle East, more specifically to the country of Jordan back in April 2012, and you can contract it by having close contact with an infected person. Also, according the CDC - Center For Disease Control based in Atlanta Georgia, they believe that Mers-Cov started with Camels being infected in the desert, and since there is no rain in the desert to wash off germs and diseases in the air, then they quickly passed it on to their human caretakers.

MERS can affect anyone. MERS patients have ranged in age from younger than 1 to 99 years old.
CDC continues to closely monitor the MERS situation globally and work with partners to better understand the risks of this virus, including the source, how it spreads, and how infections might be prevented. CDC recognizes the potential for MERS-CoV to spread further and cause more cases globally and in the U.S. We have provided information for travelers and are working with health departments, hospitals, and other partners to prepare for this.
Listen to a 4-minute podcast about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

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Q: What is MERS?

A: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is a viral respiratory illness. Learn about MERS.

Q: Why is it sometimes called MERS-CoV?

A: MERS-CoV is the acronym for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, the virus that causes MERS. When referring to the virus and not the illness, CDC uses this acronym. When referring to the illness, CDC uses MERS. The virus was first reported in 2012 in Saudi Arabia. It is different from any other coronaviruses that have been found in people before.

Q: What is the source of MERS-CoV

A: We don’t know for certain where the virus came from. However, it likely came from an animal source. In addition to humans, MERS-CoV has been found in camels in several countries. It is possible that some people became infected after contact with camels, although more information is needed to figure out the possible role that camels and other animals may play in the transmission of MERS-CoV.

Countries with Lab-Confirmed MERS Cases

Countries in or near the Arabian Peninsula with Cases
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Yemen
  • Lebanon
  • Iran
Countries with Travel-associated Cases
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • France
  • Tunisia
  • Italy
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Greece
  • Egypt
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Netherlands
  • Algeria
  • Austria
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Republic of Korea
  • China

Q: What are the symptoms and complications that MERS can cause?

A: Read about MERS symptoms and complications.

Q: How does the virus spread?

A: Learn about how MERS-CoV spreads.

Q: Has anyone in the United States gotten infected?

A: Get the most up-to-date information about MERS in the U.S.

Q: What is CDC doing about MERS?

A: CDC works 24/7 to protect people’s health. It is the job of CDC to be concerned and move quickly whenever there is a potential public health problem. CDC continues to closely monitor the MERS situation globally. CDC is working with the World Health Organization and other partners to better understand the virus, how it spreads, the source, and risks to the public’s health. We recognize the potential for MERS-CoV to spread further and cause more cases in the United States and globally. In preparation for this, we have:
  • Improved the way we collect data about MERS cases

  • Increased lab testing capacity in states to detect cases
  • Developed guidance and tools for health departments to conduct public health investigations when MERS cases are suspected or confirmed
  • Provided recommendations for healthcare infection control and other measures to prevent disease spread
  • Provided guidance for flight crews, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) units at airports, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officers about reporting ill travelers to CDC
  • Disseminated up-to-date information to the general public, international travelers, and public health partners
  • Used Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) methods to sequence the complete virus genome on specimens from cases to help evaluate and further describe the characteristics of MERS-CoV. (See U.S. MERS story: Decoding MERS Coronavirus: AMD Provides Quick Answers.)


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