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 What Is Money And How To Make A Lot Of It...

What Is Money, that you see anyone and everyone are losing their souls over?. Even you who are blogging or running a website trying to make some money, why? And another thing, you even observe that Humanity is doing everything it can to get as much of it as possible, by trampling over one another, by backstabbing each other and by even murdering each and every person who gets in their way. But there is also the fact that ''The Powers That Be'' have made Money the universal tool that is used for anything in this life. And not to forget the fact that ever since the early 1900's Powerful Men got together, and decided to do away with hard currencies like Gold and Silver, and decided to Print Paper Money instead. And since there was an unlimited supply of Trees, then printing paper money by The Powers That Be have become as necessary as the air that you breathe. Also because they have conditioned you through advertising, through commercial farming and through forcing  You to live in the Concrete Jungle, so now Money has become the greatest and Only Tool that you have to use if you want to survive. So let me show you why money is the greatest tool to have and use, and why Google makes so much of it and why you should join up with them to get some as a Blogger or Site Owner.

What is money... and first way it is used:  Only Way To Buy All Things Needed.
Nowadays you have become so conditioned and so dependent on the system, that you can not do anything without the use of money. You need a place to live, well you can't go into the Forest and just cut down trees ( The Powers That Be have made sure to pass laws that say you can't, so you have to use money to buy some ), or you just can't get a card box and move under a bridge. Or if you want something to eat, well the powerful commercial Farming Companies have made sure that they pass laws where you just can't grow foods on your farm ( If you had one ), so you have to go the Supermarket and use money to buy some foods. Or you need to get from point A to point B, well you can't just saddle-up your horse and go to town. Because again, The Powers That Be have paved all the roads and created All Concrete Cities, as  well as passed laws that says only Mounted Police can ride horses in the Downtown Area. So you have to use money to buy a car so you can get on the highways and the local roads. And then anything else you need or can think of, you need money to take a vacation, to get a boat to go fishing, to get a hair cut, to go to dinner, to get some medicine, to even hang out with friends by throwing a Barbecue.

What is money... Second way it is the greatest tool: You Can Buy Favors.
You see Fellow Money Getter, when you have that great tool, Money, you don't have to be liked, you don't have to work hard, you don't have to make friends, and you don't even have to speak to people at all. Because Money will do all the talking, as well as all the doing for you. Money will buy you favors with all sorts of people, from the Politicians who want to get reelected and need your money, to the Sitter at that high class restaurant that you slip a couple of hundred dollar bills to get the best seats. Or if you are trying to get into a Special Club, then you can just buy your way in. Or you want your kids to get in the best of Colleges, just make a large donation, or have them build and extra hall in your name. And so this why you as a Blogger or Site owner, should join up with Google, Facebook, Yahoo... And make some money. 

What is money... third way it is the greatest tool: It Makes People Love You.
When you have money or that greatest tool, then people will love you. It's a fake love, but believe me they will act like they love you, and then nothing you do will be judged. For you are in control of their situation, where they need you to Be A Philanthropist. They need you to help improve their lives, and they need your money to get something to eat, to send their kids to college, to get a grant to start a business,  or to even help find a cure for Cancer. So when they need your money they will act like they love you, and it will open all other doors for you. But Beware Of The Fake Friends.

So what is money? It is everything for you down here in this physical realm. 
It is not Thee God, for He Created the trees that make the paper money, and He also made the gold and silver. But Money can be a little god, because with it you can make dreams come true, and you can have a much better life down here, as well as make the lives of the less fortunate so much better by handing them out a little bit of money. So what you have to do is to learn the system the very best way you can, and then get your hands on a great share of all the money you can get. But without murdering others, without stepping on the toes of others on the way up, and without backstabbing your friends whom you will need to multiply your riches for you... Remember the Power Of Three? Where you get 3 friends to believe in you and your dream, then those 3 go out and get 3 more each to also believe... And then those new 9 people go out and get 3 more each or 27 to believe.. and those 27X3.... And so on, Then all the money is flowing back at the top to you. You Know This One... PYRAMID. After all even God Himself used it, where He sent His Only Begotten Son To Die First and Be Resurrected, and afterward He used 12 Apostles to believe Salvation and Rebirth, then those went out and had others to believe, and now you have at least 2 Billion people, just from that One and then the Twelve. So Learn The System And Get Rich... James Dazouloute

My Money, My Happiness... How To Have Both. Book By James Dazouloute



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 What Is Money And How To Make A Lot Of It...

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