Secrets On How Google Makes Money

How Does Google Make Money?. Is a fairly easy question because they make money in quite a bit of ways. Although Google started as a search engine, where you would be looking for something and they would just show you all the websites that have information related to what you are looking for. And at the beginning, Google was just an alternative to Yahoo Search engine, but they quickly outgrew their main competitor. Because they were much better organized, they showed much better relevancy of the information you are looking for, and they have become the fastest as far as response time to show you what you are looking for.

And then the money started to come in as they gave you their search engine for free to find all the information you want, and then they started to charge companies or websites to advertise at the very top and at the very bottom, of each page of information you are looking for. But those companies have to be offering something that match the information of what you are looking for. And they usually charge those websites anywhere from 5 cents to $ 10.00 plus per click. And that is whether you end up buying something or not from that website, or how long you end up staying visiting that website for the information or the product or services, that you are looking for. Now just imagine each time you are looking for say: How do I fight a ticket?. And each time, the result comes back with say, 1.5 million pages. And imagine each one of those pages has about 6 advertisements of websites. And that is about 9 million advertisers right there offering information and or products and services. So that is how Google make their money to begin with.

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Then of course, they even charge companies and their websites per impressions as well, if they just want to pay for their websites just to show. But again, with Google it all has to be relevant with what you are looking for. And then there is YouTube, and Google bought YouTube a few years back, and there the idea is pretty much the same except this time it is information you are looking for on videos, or songs on videos, or just people on videos. And there, Google places ads at the bottom of those videos for websites and again charge them. And once again, imagine that a short video gets about 1 million views and lasts about 4 minutes. And during this time, they may flash about 10 ads. Now times that by 1 million views.

And another way Google make money is with Google earth. And with google earth, they have launched their own satellites above the earth, and have access to the entire world. So whatever place you are looking for, you can view it all the way down to the street level, with front, back, top and sides of the street or the property. And the satellites take snapshots every so often of every address in the world, and google can charge you for a deluxe version to be able to view certain places with a lot of information.

Also there is Blogger, which is owned by Google. And blogger allows you to set up a free Blog and there you can talk about just anything you want. And on Blogger, you can also have google place ads on your blogs so your visitors can see them, when they come to visit you. And they charge the same as for the search engine, but share the revenues with you.

So these are just a few ways that Google make money, but there are many others. So keep looking and maybe you can join them in the billions of dollars they make each year. James Dazouloute



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