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Shop For Business because you must have it all, you must be the one who steps up within your family, and pave the way  for all others to follow. And the way to do that easily is to allow Google to help you do it, and they have a product you can use called Blogger that you can get started right away with your business without having to spend a penny. But within hours you can start to make money with Ads from Google Adsense by utilizing your social network contacts. And in this day and age you must think outside the box, and taking your new business online is the best way to go for this Generation.

And why must You shop for and have a great business?  Because being a business owner is one of the most rewarding accomplishments you could achieve in your life, and you could be helping out other people, without even realizing it, just by shopping for – buying - & obtaining a great business. Also the world needs business minded people like yourself, it needs to be made aware of what it needs, it needs you to package it in a way that is very appealing. So the way for you to do that best is to go on the Internet, and who can best help you get customers with your website? Google of course, because they are the number one Search Engine and they have a way for you to list your business locally as well. And they can place Ads on there for you to help you start making money. All because you are the Pioneer who is needed, you are the Genius who we are all waiting for, and you are the Futurist that can be years ahead of your time and prepare all that we will need. And with a business you can achieve all that.

Another reason to shop for a business: Own Boss.
I can't tell you Fellow Money Getter, how rewarding it is for you to be your own boss ( If you have the Drive ), and be able to accomplish great things in your life. Also when the financial shackles as well as the creative restraints are taken off of you, then you and your business will take off like a rocket, and everything that you touch will turn into gold. So as you shop for your business, try and look for one that most people are  looking for and will always need, because you do not want to be one of those people who is just only doing what they love, but are starving every single day of their lives. No friend, this is a business you are trying to acquire, and then you will also be impacting the lives of other people whom you will be hiring to come on board to help you to be successful, and they will get a significant paycheck. So shop for  and start a business that people need and even want, like water, food, lights, clothes, jewelry, weapons, cars, houses, knowledge, animals, computers etc. And be your own boss.

Third reason to shop for business: Success.
Now you know that success is extremely difficult to attain, and in business it is very fleeting, for you could do everything right but the actions of other people end up ruining you. But when you have your own business, you have a great say-so in your success, as well how long you get to maintain it, and take control of the actions of those who work for you. Also everybody loves a success story, and want to be associated with a successful person, which means for you that the more successful you are, the more people will want to have your brand of merchandise you are associated with, and which will even make you more successful. So take the time to shop for a great business that you have a passion for, and that will keep you going even when there is no money coming in. Now for me it is selling Information and Books, for you there is something that you are very passionate about that everyone is needing ・buying ・and looking for. So look for it where another business owner has already found those people and are selling to them, and now make them your own in buying that business.

Additional reason why you must shop for a business: Legacy.
Now this is the last level of the Hierarchy needs of a human, to build something great to leave behind long after they are dead. Ever heard of the Rockefeller s, the Keneddys, the Getty s, the Walmarts, the Toyota s, the Shakespeare s etc?. Well these great people were all business owners who built and left behind a great legacy, that you and I still appreciate and benefit from to this day. And a business does not have to only be about selling shoes or cars, for it can also be about  the business of Politics, the business of Poetry, the business of romance... Because you can build and sell anything and everything that people are looking for, you can leave a legacy behind  that people will still need in the future, and then you will be immortalized. So shop for a business that is long-lasting, shop for one that is breathtaking, and shop for one that people will always be thankful that you have brought along. James Dazouloute

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Why you must shop for Business using Google..

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