Why To Live Is To Have Love

LIFE IS LOVE... Yes life is filled with love everywhere you look, every place you visit, every moment you spend and in every thought you care to have. And all you have to do is open up your heart and in your romantic life you will have love fill that life. And since you are always hungry for love, since your body is always aching to be made love to, since your mind is always wishing for love, since your fantasies are filled with the need to have great and wonderful love... Then you have to allow love to do her job in your soul, in your mind, in your heart and then in your Romantic Family.

No life is worth living without any Love in it. Because even the gods can not do without Love, for they all have to do something to be loved, to be worshiped, to be adored and to be needed. So who are you to deny yourself of Love, deny yourself to be loved, to give love and to have love always? So before you finally come to the realization one day that your whole life has been wasted chasing after vain and materialistic things, then you must begin today to to do whatever it takes to have Love in your life. And I don't mean running after sex, or living only for pleasure, I do mean that you must become a catalyst, always looking to give love to all, and even deeper love to those you allow inside your heart, and then you will see that you are never diminished, no matter how much and how many times you have given your most secret love. And so once again: 


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To Live Is To Have Love... And it is the greatest of all when that happens. Yes it is very inspiring, and can make a great Hero out of you in the eyes of those who love you and want to be loved by You when you allow love to fill it. Because when you fully understand that Life is Love, then you will dedicate all your time, all your emotions, all your efforts, all your thoughts, all your money, all your drive to fill your entire life with love. And then, you will see that you are the happiest person on Earth because your life is filled with love, filled with passion, filled with greatness, filled with appreciation.

LIFE IS LOVE... So starting today, give love a chance. Yes Beloved, do give love a wonderful opportunity to fill your life with beautiful sentiments, to take your mind to the next level, to carry you to your own piece of paradise on the wings of love. After all, Your Romantic Family is depending on you to take the lead, and carry them deep into the heart of love. So you can not wait any longer, you can not delay anymore, you can not waiver, you can not hesitate or procrastinate, because Life Is Love and it is waiting to be filled by her and You. James Dazouloute


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