Why Jesus Christ Was The Greatest Philanthropist Ever.

Jesus Christ... Why Was He The Greatest Philanthropist? And I know that you know The Lord as The Saviour Of Mankind, in that whosoever believes upon Him and His Blood Sacrifice for their sins, they will be saved from the punishments of Hell, as well continually be in the Presence Of God. However, if while Jesus Christ was down here on Earth, He only talked about the Kingdom Of God in the Highest Heavens, and continually gave Mankind only a dream to dream, then His Ministry or Servitude would not be worth the dirty sandals He walked in. Because for anyone to be named a Philanthropist, he or she has to be willing to put forth effort into improving The Lives Of Humanity down here on Earth, where their physical pain, their current trials and tribulations, and their great abusive sufferings are taking place in this very physical realm. 

Because what you don't want is someone coming along to tell you I Have A Dream for you 1000 years from now to Be Great and Perfect, but in the meantime you are facing certain death, great diseases, Starvation, Government abuse, and all other afflictions that are all testing your goodness, your resolve, and even your Ethics.So what sets apart Jesus Christ as The Greatest Philanthropist, are many different factors, and today I intend to share 4 Areas where He was unmatched in improving the lives of many.

Jesus Christ... Why Was He The Greatest Philanthropist? And The First Way He Was: He Delivered Many From Strong Enemies.
We all know that your biggest troubles on This Earth, are not Government abuse, for you can move or go into hiding. And are not your neighbors violating you, for you can move and some days even fight back. But when your troubles are in your mind, because Demons or Familiars have gotten inside your head and have taken over, and are now controlling you; then you have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and no way to fight, since The Mind controls your entire body and your way of life. And so what Jesus Christ Did on His first day as a Philanthropist, he began to improve the lives of people by improving their mind and their realities. And that was of the utmost importance, since it doesn't do you any good if you give someone a piece of bread to eat, but he or she doesn't have the faculty to understand what to do with it. And even if you put in their mouth they will not chew or swallow it, because their brain that is supposed to tell the body what to do, is being controlled by Demons or Very Strong Enemies. And so Christ began to step into The Void and give Mental Deliverance from thousands of Demons, or voices in the people head.

Second Way Jesus Christ Took Lead As Philanthropist: He Healed. 
Now as a Philanthropist, it is easy to give some money to an organization and then hoping that they will spend it on healing the sick. Since after the mind is restored, Sickness in the body is the second worst malaise. And if you can actually speak a word over someone who is suffering from Leprosy, or over someone who just died, and they are restored, then there are no greater acts, nor any greater effectiveness of being a Philanthropist. Because rather than counting on others and hoping they give some half-working drugs away to patients suffering, You are stepping right at the front lines and improving the lives of these people right away, with that kind of resource and power at your disposal.

Thirdly, Because He Gave Bread.
Yes, Jesus Christ Gave Bread to eat physically, literally and spiritually. And so He killed several birds with one stone, or with one piece of bread. Because while He Had the power from The Father God, from Whom all Philanthropists get their Blessings and Resources, to miraculously multiply bread on several occasions, He did so willingly and gladly. And so while He handed the people a piece of bread and fish to satisfy their physical hunger so they could regain their strength, He also added bread to their mind by beginning to Enlighten them, so that they could know how to get bread from The Ultimate Source themselves while on Earth. And then He offered them The Bread Of Eternal Life, by giving them knowledge of The Kingdom of The Father God, and how even after their time is over here on Earth, they will then be able through His Body and Blood Sacrifice to receive The Bread Of Eternal Life.

4th. Way Jesus Christ Was The Master Philanthropist: He Took The Places Of Others.
Now this is something that No Philanthropist has ever done and will never be able to do. Because a Philanthropist Job is to share his resources with others, and help them pull themselves up by their boot straps, also create for them a way to be able to do for themselves. And so as you can see Beloved, no Philanthropist is required to give their life for someone else, and then even if he or she did, there is no guarantee that this person would not die anyway, would be shot anyway, would not be hung anyway...etc. 

But what Jesus Christ Did can never be duplicated, for He actually mounted on a Cross and died for the whole world, so that way none who are part of the Global Population ever has to die, ever has to be judged, ever has to be punished, ever has to be destroyed, ever has to be outside of all that God Has Created. Because after Christ died, there is no way that one who accepts His Gift and Sacrifice, can ever be found guilty on Judgment Day, when The Great Creator God Comes to judge all He Created. And that Beloved is another perfect reason why Jesus Christ Was The Greatest Philanthropist Ever... James Dazouloute


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