What If There Were No Religion -- But One God

Who is God and what is Religion? Are the two one in the same or as different as night and day? Also does Religion lead you to God or does God take you down the path of Religion? Well Beloved, you could easily drive yourself crazy in this world trying to please or serve God (Whoever or Whatever that means to you), especially since Religion or its Religious people will go to great, extreme lengths to try and convert you and then have you join them in their belief system. And that goes for every Religion in the world. 

But as soon as you agree to join them, then they quickly put the shackles of Religion upon you and you are now a prisoner for life. In other words, before you join any Religion, they all promise you that everything will be wonderful and that their God will accept you just as you are, also the yoke of their Religion is easy and light. And then, they start to put on these extremely heavy robes upon you and weighing you down, with robes of rules, robes of policies, robes of how to live, robes of how to think, who to hate, what to say, how to pray, how to eat, how to have sex, how to have kids, how to worship, how to kill for God, how to judge others etc... But remember how they all told you at the beginning that their Religion is easy, wonderful and light?


Now try and think back to the time of Adam and Eve when there was no Religion, but only husband and wife living in the garden and communing with their creator (Whoever that may have been, Aliens, Ancient Humans, Other dimension beings, or gods... as there is much debate as to how old Man is and how many generations has he lived on Earth). And at that time there was peace, love, harmony and doing the work of the day. But now with Religion, there is hate, war, terrorism, beheading, taking sides, there is judgment, pain, sadness, loss of life, bloodshed, harassment, persecution etc... All because each sect of Religion says that it is right, and its belief is the only righteous one, and its God is the only God. But what if there were no Religion --- But One God, The Source of everything seen and unseen???

What if there were no Religion --But One God... SEE

What if you were to just focus on connecting and staying connected with the Source of everything? What if you were to love your brother and all animals as much as you love yourself? What if you were to think about love, peace, helping others, sharing, giving your compassion, helping all? And what if (This is crazy I Know...) we were to abolish all forms of Religions, and therefore all hate, all wars, all lies, all discrimination, all feelings of superiority, all dress codes etc??? 

what-if-there-were-no-religion-but-one-God.... SEE

And I ask you all these Beloved, because God The Creator is everywhere, even inside each atom and molecule feeding it His/Her energy. And God The Source is inside you and constantly connected with you at all times, and never asks you to kill, to hate, to destroy, to bomb, to create Religion, to tell lies that you made up through your culture or your traditions, nor does The Source ever asks you to get rich to expand the kingdom, nor does He/She ever orders you to speak for Him/Her and say all who don't believe must die, all who don't know are going to hell, all who are at different levels of spirituality deserve beheading. So again, What If There Were No Religion --- But One God, One Ultimate Source To Connect With And Live In Love With? Your Spiritual Guide, James Dazouloute

what-if-there-were-no-religion-but-one-God.... SEE

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