32 Celebrities Reincarnated In This Lifetime

Celebrities live to entertain us, and since it is said that "Nothing Is New Under The Sun", then we all can expect for Celebrities/Artists/Musicians to continue to entertain us for many generations to come as the cycle of life continues to go around, and around and around... And each time allowing Humanity to keep on reinventing itself but always carrying a trace of the past, a glimpse of what once was, a moment to be remembered and each person's legacy not to be forgotten but showed forth with each new generation. And this is why today I am sharing with You 32 Celebrities Who Reincarnated In This Lifetime... SEE:

Celebrities Who Look like Historical Figures

1. These 2 really do look alike

2. Sir David Wilkie and Rupert Grint do share the same nose, lips, eyes and hair...

3. John Brown and Charlie Sheen do share big ears, thin lips and similar hair, but what else can you see?

4. Van Goh and Chuck Norris, see any resemblance?

5. General MacArthur and Bruce Willis do look very similar, as if they were both pulled from the same gene pools.

6. Stalin and Borat, somewhat similar in looks, but very different in lifestyle. One was a murderer while the other an entertaining fool.

7. Vladimir Putin and Tom Felton, any similarities?

8. Benjamin Franklin and Oscar Bluth do look quite similar.

9. Henry David Thoreau and Ellen Degeneres, what do you think, are they brothers or twins years apart?

10. What do you think?

11. I could see the resemblance between Hank Azaria and Rudolf Steiner, can You?


12. Other than the hair, do you see any resemblance?






18. Correction: This guy was a Turkish Revolutionist in the 70's and not a Russian Revolutionist.



21. Not sure when Jesus, being from the Middle East, all of a sudden became a White European? But You Decide...

22. Back when Elvis had his hair up, you could see the resemblance..

23. Paul Giamatti and William Shakepeare... Do you see any resemblance?

24. If you were to change the hair, I could see the resemblance..

25. Both are entertaining..

26. They both had that crazy and disturbed, but genius look..

27. Nose and beard?

28. The cranium and eyes look the same

29. Not sure what this reference is supposed to mean?

30. Do we comeback reincarnated so we could experience a different side of life?

31. Hair, nose and eyebrows look the same

32. Very similar nose and eyes... What else do you see?


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