23 Creative Ways To Use Your Closet Space

Your Closet is not only meant for your clothes and shoes to be stored, but it is also a vital part of your house that you can use for just about anything, if you can de-condition your mind from what Society has misled you to believe.

1. Make a homework space.

Make a homework space.
Apply a coat of chalkboard paint to closet walls for a distration-free space. If your child needs help with their homework, use some chalk to work out the problem. Get the tutorial here.

2. Design a kid’s hideout.

Design a kid's hideout.
Jenny Brandt / Via dosfamily.com
Cut a foam mattress pad to fit the size of the closet floor. Toss in some pillows, line shelves with books, and create soft lighting. Find the full tutorial here.

3. DIY A Canopy Bed

DIY A Canopy Bed
Remove closet doors and push the crib against the inside wall. Perfect for kids that share a room.

4. Make a workshop.

Make a workshop.
Traci Hutcherson / Via beneathmyheart.net
Find a permanent home for bulky sewing machines inside an organized closet. Stow fabrics in woven bins and learn how to make a DIY pegboard here.

5. Design an invisible office.

Design an invisible office.
Killy Scheer / Via houzz.com
Interior designer Killy Scheer created a modern, out-of-the-way office that disappears when you want it to. Hang pretty curtains along the closet rod to cover up the space when you’re ready to relax.

6. Make extra seating.

Make extra seating.
To maximize a tiny playroom, turn the closet into a couch for kids to play and read. Get the full tutorial here.

7. Create a changing station.

Create a changing station.
Push bulky furniture out of the way and save space in the nursery. Get the full tutorial here.

8. Take advantage of bright spaces.

Take advantage of bright spaces.
Houzz: winniewu / Via houzz.com
If your home office is windowless and gloomy, set up shop in the sunniest room in the house. Open closet doors and find a desk that fits perfectly into the allotted space.

9. Make a double-duty reading nook.

Young House Love
For a 2-second home project, place pillows and a furry rug (like this one from Ikea) on the closet floor. Pull back the curtain and invite kids to read in a space that’s the perfect size for them. Keep cloths hanging. Get the full tutorial here.

10. Display art.

Display art.
If your apartment lacks wall space, use the closet as an expressive extension. Apply a coat of paint to create an accent wall. Use the back wall to display wall decals and framed photos.

11. Make a craft corner.

Secure a pegboard to the inside of the closet door to organize your tools and materials. For a DIY desk, lay a piece of pre-cut wood (which you can pick up from most hardware stores) across two filing cabinets.

12. Apply a strip of wallpaper.

Apply a strip of wallpaper.
Add dimension to the room without having to wallpaper an entire wall. Find graphic removable wallpapers here.

13. Create extra book storage.

To store extra volumes while still keeping them on display, place books on the top shelf of the closet. If you’re a real bookworm, add a few more shelves and turn the space into a mini library.

14. Create a sleeping nook.

Create a sleeping nook.
Stephanie Strickland; Lauren Spain / Via apartmenttherapy.com
Move your bed into the closet (just make sure you measure it correctly before moving). If you have to ditch the headboard, pick up some bed legs (like these from Ikea; $20).

15. Turn it into a cozy alcove.

Add cushions and dim lighting to make a mini space perfect for answering long emails.

16. Craft your own bar.

Craft your own bar.
The Sweeten; ecostruct.com / Via houzz.com
Either install countertops or use a marble-topped desk in an irregularly-shaped closet for a modern wet bar. Add two stools so guests can pour, sit, and chat.

17. Surround yourself with your favorite things.

Frame inspirational phrases and beautiful artwork to keep you feeling creative. Perfect for couples with different home aesthetics—this space is all yours!

18. Enjoy a wine cellar.

Enjoy a wine cellar.
Install a wine refrigerator in your closet or just stack a few wine racks (like thesefrom Walmart; $65 each) to store your precious vino.

19. Create a mini laundromat.

Create a mini laundromat.
Remove closet doors for extra space that can accommodate a washer, dryer, and shelves.

20. Use a shelf as a desk.

Just pull up a chair and get started.

21. Make a super storage system.

Make a super storage system.
Keep important papers organized with a series of shelves and a rolling file cabinet. If you’re a photo junkie, create your own picture library with labeled boxes and rows of photo albums.

22. Read in a little library.

Read in a little library.
Build a simple bench, add a cushion, and arrange your child’s favorite books to create the perfect reading nook. Get the full tutorial here.

23. Make a family fort.

Make a family fort.
Take doors off their hinges, drop in a mattress, and nail up a few blankets for a cozy space to hang.

Credit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alisoncaporimo/turn-a-closet-into-your-dream-office


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