21 TGIF Pics That Will Make You Laugh All Weekend.

TGIF, Thank God It's Friday. Is a term used by all workers who work from Monday through Friday. But did you know that the uber-popular restaurant chain was founded by perfume salesman Alan Stillman in 1965?
A bachelor, Stillman lived in a neighborhood on the east side of Manhattan that had many single ladies.
However, this presented quite the dilemma for Alan, as most of the social hangouts in the area were either exclusive cocktail parties or bars that were geared toward beer-drinking males.
Therefore, he took $5,000 in cash and borrowed an additional five grand from his mother and repurposed a local NYC tavern.
This was despite having no prior experience as a restaurateur.
Prior to the advent of T.G.I. Friday's, single 25-year-old girls were not going out on Friday nights alone, or with other girls. There was no place for them to go.
By seeking to recreate the familiar cocktail party experience out in public, Spillman inadvertently created the nation's first singles bar!

Some More Facts About TGI Fridays

They Made It Fun To Be Single Believe it or not, before Fridays, groups of women just didn’t go to bars to meet groups of men. Alan Stillman changed all that in 1965, when he opened the first Fridays at 1152 1st Avenue in New York. His modest goal was to provide a public space for the swinging midtown apartment parties he’d been attending — and “to meet Pan Am stewardesses” — but within weeks the country’s first singles bar had lines down the block, and America never looked back. 

They Did It Bigger In Texas Memphis (the first location outside New York) was wild, but Dallas’ Greenville Ave location was wilder — in Texas Monthly’s 20th anniversary piece, the city’s most famous bachelor, Billy Bob Harris, recalls walking in and thinking, “Oh, Lord Almighty, wow, wow, wow!” The place starred in a 1973 Newsweek cover story on the singles explosion, thanks to insanity like two guys in gorilla suits who’d pull up in an ambulance and rush the crowd (inspiring the “Margorilla” margarita), and Cowboys QB Craig Morton escorting pretty ladies out to his Lincoln Mark III to check out his 8-track player. The ultimate compliment: a Morning News columnist proposed time-capsuling the menu, “to show future generations where all the madness began.” 

They Were at The Vanguard of Flair Fridays “World Bartender Championship” has its roots in 1985 Marina Del Rey. Management, noting the singular bottle-flipping talents of bartender John Mescall, held an in-store competition. Mescall was hesitant (some bartenders viewed his acrobatics as a nuisance), but the idea exploded: the now-massive competition involves 10,000 bartenders from around the world. In 2011, they set the Guinness World Record for “most people cocktail flairing simultaneously for two minutes” when 101 of their bartenders filled London’s Covent Garden Piazza, tossing drink tools to a song prominently featured in Cocktail, “Hippy Hippy Shake”. 

And Now, 21 TGIF Pics That Will Make You Laugh All Weekend:






















Must See: 21 TGIF Pics That Will Make You Laugh All Weekend Long..

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 21 TGIF Pics That Will Make You Laugh All Weekend Long.. SEE

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