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Jayne Mansfield, what more need to be said about her? Because just one look at her picture and you will see all that you need to know about such a voluptuous creature. But if you must know, Jayne Mansfield was an actress and entertainer back in the 50s and 60s, also she was a blonde bombshell like Marilyn Monroe, and her life was just as short. And she was the kind of Entertainer who did everything for self-promotion, and I mean she did any and everything to promote herself by any means necessary, and by that she used the old tried and true trick that works throughout all the ages, sex appeal that is... I mean she had one of the nicest set of knockers you have ever seen, and so she used those assets every single chance she got as you will see in the 21 pictures that I am sharing with you today. But first, a little bit of history about Jayne Mansfield:
  1. Film actress
  2. Jayne Mansfield, born Vera Jayne Palmer, was an American actress in film, theatre, and television. She was also a nightclub entertainer, a singer, and one of the early Playboy Playmates. Wikipedia
  3. BornApril 19, 1933, Bryn Mawr, PA
  4. DiedJune 29, 1967, Slidell, LA
  5. Height5' 5" (1.66 m)
  6. SpouseMatt Cimber (m. 1964–1966), Mickey Hargitay (m. 1958–1964),Paul Mansfield (m. 1950–1958)

Mansfield died in a car accident on June 29, 1967 at the age of 34.

Jane Mansfield enjoyed a typical middle class upbringing. She was a caring and naïve child, and accounts of her youth are full of endearing anecdotes illustrating these traits. When Mansfield learned that a classmate of hers did not own a winter coat because her family had fallen upon hard times, she traded the girl her own coat for an old baby bottle. One day, her Sunday school teacher told Mansfield that God was always with her, and that night she fell out of bed several times "making room for God."

Mansfield's obsession with Hollywood stars was born at the age of 13, when she and her mother took a vacation to Los Angeles and she got the autographs of radio stars Dennis Day and Harold Peary at a Hollywood restaurant. Upon returning to their table, she declared to her mother, "one day some other young girl is going to make her way across this room and ask for my autograph."

Mansfield proved to have an uncanny knack for self-marketing, and she took steps to distinguish herself from the many curvy blonde actresses attempting to make it big in Hollywood at the time. She made pink her trademark color -- she wore pink, drove a pink car and bought a house decked out in pink that she dubbed "the pink palace." Mansfield garnered her first nationwide publicity when, attending the premiere of Underwater in Florida, her top mysteriously fell off in sight of numerous journalists.

On January 13, 1958 Jayne Mansfield would marry Hungarian-born bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay who left Mae West's act to join Jayne on stage.  In 1964, Jayne Mansfield would marry director Matt Cimber and the two would have a son, Anthony, in 1965. Depressed with her now slumping acting career, Mansfield would eventually look for comfort in the bottle. In a move that thoroughly illustrated the direction her career was now headed, Mansfield, at the advice of her new husband, would reject the role of Ginger (later accepted by Tina Louise) in TV's Gilligan's Island. Instead, Mansfield would go on to toil in low-rent B-movies and the occasional appearance in a respectable production. Jayne Mansfield's talents were no longer paying their way. And neither were her breasts.
In 1966, Matt Cimber would divorce the heavy-drinking Jayne and into the love picture would move San Francisco attorney Samuel S. Brody. Now, excessively overweight and almost always drunk, Mansfield could only garner press recognition when she became involved in another drunken brawl with Brody or when she would be named in a messy divorce suit with Brody's ailing wife. The once glamorous Jayne Mansfield was now being reduced to a Hollywood laughing stock.
After a June 28th evening engagement, in 1967, Mansfield would head out at 2:30 am the next morning (June 29) for an early New Orleans TV show interview. Her hardtop 1966 Buick Electra 225 was packed with passengers Brody, and Jayne's children Miklos, Zoltan, Mariska... and four Chihuahuas. Driving the car would be Ron Harrison, a college student who worked for club owner Stevens. The speeding Buick "deuce and a quarter" would fly down a winding, narrow stretch of US Hwy 90, just west of the Rigolets bridge. Some estimates have the car's speed as high as 80 m.p.h. The car plowed into the rear of a tractor-trailer rig, which had halted behind a city vehicle spraying the Louisiana swamps with bug spray. As their vehicle hit the rear of the truck, it underrode the trailer and the roof was virtually sheared off. Peeled back like an accordian. Visit here to pinpoint the exact location of the crash.

And Now, 21 Pictures Of Jayne Mansfield:























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