Mesothelioma Cancer - Why You Must Get Paid Right Now.

Mesothelioma is a very bad sickness, so bad that once you have it, you will usually die within a few months. Also because as you already know, there is no current cure for Cancer, there are treatments, there are drugs to contain it, but no cure. And so once you have Mesothelioma Cancer, you are on your way out of this world, your family and other loved ones will soon be loosing a great person, a great teacher, a wonderful helper, a loving human being and a child of God. And then the world will be the poorer for it, since one great soul who had so much to contribute had to depart early, through no faults of their own. 

And I say through not faults of your own, because when someone has Cancer  it is usually something that their older family members had and then passed down to them as hereditary. Or some of the people who have Cancer may even have led a crazy lifestyle that may have greatly contributed to them getting some type of Cancer. Like people who spent just about everyday of their lives sunbathing in 100 degrees weather and now they have skin Cancer, or people who spent most of their lives smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day and now they have Lung Cancer, or people who knowingly and gladly have drunk at least two 12 packs of beer a day most of their lives and now they have Liver Cancer... And as you can see those people knew what would happen to them with this excessive  and very destructive lifestyle, and so they greatly contributed to them having Cancer. But what about You having Mesothelioma Cancer?

 Mesothelioma Cancer - How To Get Paid... SEE

Well Beloved, this is one kind of Cancer that others have forced on you against your will and without your knowledge, because they gladly exposed you heavily to Asbestos. And I say they gladly, exposed you because the Government always knew about their war ships and their battle tanks to be filled with Asbestos, but simply refused to stop letting their military service men and women using them. Also plumbing companies, construction companies, roofing companies, auto mechanic shops, all knew the very deadly effect of Asbestos Exposure, and yet they gladly chose to allow their workers to keep on being exposed, because they didn't want to change materials since that would have affected their profit margin. And now here you are with Mesothelioma Cancer. So I ask you in all fairness: Shouldn't They Pay For Giving You Cancer? Your Mesothelioma Treatment Advocate, James Dazouloute

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 Why You Must Get Paid Right Now From Mesothelioma Cancer... SEE

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