Get Paid To Write Reviews - 3 Great Ones For You

Companies need to sell their services and or products, and there is no better way for them to do so and make a lot of money than to have great testimonials from their customers, but more importantly they need to get reviews from other business owners, from website and blog owners. Because those kind of reviews will bring that business to the spotlight, but because of such reviews from people like you who are listened to by many, then they will get tons of new businesses. And so this is where you come in, by writing reviews for those businesses, for their services and their products. But how do you get paid and how much for writing reviews? Well you can get anywhere from $2 to $50 per reviews, or you can get paid through revenue sharing as some of the websites you write reviews for run highly paid ads and they get paid from them as Pay Per Clicks or per thousand Impressions and they give you a piece of that. But I say you should go for the ones that pay you straight cash. Because there will be no B.S. and no fluctuations in payment for your time and excellent writing. So this is why today I am sharing  with You 3 great places to write reviews for Online.

1. User testing -
On this site, Website and or Blog owners want you to go to their site and  navigate it for them, and then tell them how easy it is, or what is hard about it. And be sure to use the User Testing Screen Recorder to capture your visit. And they also want you to make a little video as your review and you must speak the review. And for that you get paid $10.00 for your time.

This site is supposedly the best way to make money writing reviews on products.  And on that site you can write as many reviews as you want, and supposedly the way they pay you  is, you get $10 for your first 10 reviews (They don't give a clear description whether that is per review or for all 10), and then if you write between 20 to 30 reviews you get $20.00, and for 30 to 39 reviews you get $30. So check them out, and possibly get paid. 

3. Sponsored Reviews - They allow you make extra money on your Blog or Site writing reviews, and they allow advertisers to connect with you and you blog their reviews. 

BONUS - Pay Per Post -
They let you write Review Posts on your blog after you have registered it and add a code to it to prove to them you are the owner. And then you write sponsored posts on that Blog. And they will usually pay you through Paypal after 30 days. And I must caution you Friend, because many of those pay per post sites, but really the Advertisers, will have you write review posts for them and then 30 days later you get no payment. Because they don't pay the webiste that gave you the gig for them. So just search for testimonials on Google about that warehouse site that brings you the Advertisers, and see if other reviewers have been taken.  
Your Money Advocate, James Dazouloute
 3 Best Places To Write Reviews For And Get Paid..




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