17 Pharmacist Jokes You Will Love

If you want to become a Pharmacist, you must go to school, no getting around that. Because nobody is born a fully licensed Pharmacist, but you may be born with the attributes of a Pharmacist, and so because of that you must begin to find out all you can about Pharmacists, about their way of thinking, about their passion and even about how they view  their interactions with the public. And it is in that frame of mind that I am sharing with You today: 17 Pharmacist Jokes You Will Love. And then you will be encouraged to begin to learn all the different drug names, you will get a feel for all the duties of a Pharmacist. Because after all, you are going to be dispensing drugs or medication to the sick. But first, a little understanding about Pharmacists:
  • Pharmacists play a vital role in the health care system through the medicine and information they provide.
  • While responsibilities vary among the different areas of pharmacy practice, the bottom line is that pharmacists help patients get well. Pharmacists responsibilities include a range of care for patients, from dispensing medications to monitoring patient health and progress to maximize their response to the medication. Pharmacists also educate consumers and patients on the use of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, and advise physicians, nurses, and other health professionals on drug decisions. Pharmacists also provide expertise about the composition of drugs, including their chemical, biological, and physical properties and their manufacture and use. They ensure drug purity and strength and make sure that drugs do not interact in a harmful way. Pharmacists are drug experts ultimately concerned about their patients’ health and wellness.
  • The pharmacist is a key health care professional in helping people achieve the best results from their medications

















Best 17 Pharmacist Jokes You Will Love For Sure... SEE


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 Best 17 Pharmacist Jokes You Will Love:

22 Teacher Sex Scandals That Will Shock You

Teachers, they are the cornerstones of humanity's evolution and growth. And because they are so important, we must all do what we can to encourage as many brothers and sisters as possible to become Teachers in every capacity and area of life. Additionally, we must go even further by donating to many of the schools and grant organizations, so they could offer scholarships to as many students as possible in helping them financially to achieve their goals in becoming great moral, knowledgeable and ethical Teachers. But what happens when a Teacher, an Educator, a Mentor, a Friend, a Brother or Sister goes astray by making a horrible mistake in getting involved sexually with one of their students or protegee? Do we put them to death, do we ruin them for life, do place a stigmata on them? Or do we offer counseling to them, rehabilitation to them, professional help to them and do we offer them Love and Forgiveness? Well whatever your answer to these important questions are, we all can still agree that Teachers make up the fabric of Humanity, because you can find them everywhere, in the school systems, in the job training fields, in law enforcement academies, in the investment field and even in the all the religious fields, constantly teaching others about what need to be done so those others can become experts in their field. And so because of such great value that Teachers have, this is why it pains me so much to share with You today: 22 Teacher Sex Scandals That Will Shock You. Just so you can evaluate for yourself each Teacher's situation and frame of mind that have caused this great person to have committed such a devastating crime. Your News Reporter, James Dazouloute

And Now, 22 Teacher Sex Scandals That Will Shock You:

  1. Mary Kay Letourneau 

 #1: Mary Kay Letourneau
Name:Mary Kay Letourneau
School:Shorewood Elementary School
City:Seattle, WA
Age of Teacher:34
Age of Student:13
Charges:Two counts of statutory rape

Summary: Mary Kay Letourneau was a teacher at Shorewood Elementary School in Seattle, WA. She first met Vili Fualaau when he was in second grade. In 1995, she became Fualaau's sixth grade teacher. 
Unhappily married, she began an affair with Fualaau, now 13 years old, in the summer of 1996. Her husband discovered the affair, and in February of 1997 Letourneau was arrested for rape. The story immediately became national news and the punchline for late night talk show jokes. In May of 1997, Letourneau gave birth to a girl, Audrey, fathered by Fualaau. In August of 1997, Letourneau pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape, and was given a suspended seven-year jail sentence, serving six months in the county jail and required to enroll in a three-year sex offender program. However, in February of 1998, she was found in a parked car with Faulaau, along with a sizable amount of money, baby clothes, and a passport, and was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of her term. Letourneau and Fualaau's second daughter, Georgia, was born in October of 1998. In August of 2004, Letourneau was released from jail, and in May of 2005, she and Fualaau were married, in a ceremony covered exclusively by Entertainment Tonight, who paid a reported $750,000. Now husband and wife, Letourneau and Fualaau recently were in the news for throwing a "Hot For Teacher Night" at a Seattle bar, where Fualaau DJed and Letourneau (who has changed her legal name to Mary Kay Fualaau) hosted.

2. Debra Lafave

 #2: Debra Lafave
Name:Debra Lafave
School:Angelo L. Greco Middle School
City:Temple Terrace, FL
Age of Teacher:23
Age of Student:14
Charges:Four felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of lewd and lascivious exhibition

Summary: Debra Lafave was a reading teacher at Angelo L. Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, FL. In June of 2004, she was arrested on charges of having sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy. 
Police records report that Lafave had performed oral sex on the boy on June 3rd, and had sexual intercourse with the him in a portable classroom at her school nine days later. Lafave, who worked before college as a model in auto magazines such as Makes and Models, quickly became the center of a media frenzy. In December of 2004, investigators released audio and video tape of Lafave with the victim in a convenience store. During the months before her trial, her defense attorney stated that Lafave was too pretty to go to jail, saying "to place Debbie into a Florida state women's penitentiary, to place an attractive young woman in that kind of hellhole, is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions." He also indicated that Lafave planned to argue she was not guilty due to insanity, as she suffered from bipolar disorder. As the trial date approached, the victim's mother learned that the case was set to be aired on Court TV, and agreed to a plea deal that would let Lafave avoid jail time. Lafave pleaded guilty in November of 2005 to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery, and received three years of house arrest, seven years probation, and was forced to register as a sex offender. In an interview with Matt Lauer for NBC's Dateline, she said, in response to whether she thought she was a sexual predator, "It’s hard. It is so hard because I lived 23 years of my life, knowing who I was. I was a kindhearted person who loved children, who would never, you know, do anything to break the law. I was a good person. And then now everything has just changed. So it’s just really hard for me to accept that."

3. Abbie Jane Swogger

 #3: Abbie Jane Swogger
Name:Abbie Jane Swogger
School:Highlands Senoir High School
City:Natrona Heights, PA
Age of Teacher:28
Age of Students:Some were as young as 14, the oldest was 17
Charges:Included involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors and possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine

Summary: Abbie Jane Swogger was a 34-year-old teacher's aide at 
Highlands Senior High School. On the night of February 21 through the 22nd, Swogger rented a hotel room at the Clarion Inn. Police arriving there found beer, marijuana, an open condom wrapper, and several 14 and 15-year-old teenagers, many of whom were friends of Swogger's son. When police arrived to arrest Swogger, they found a 17-year-old boy hiding in her bedroom. Soon a picture leaked of Swogger, a former exotic dancer, naked and being groped by at least six underage boys. It was also revealed that Swogger had had sexual intercourse with another 16-year-old student weeks before the incident at the Clarion Inn. By the time Swogger made it to trial, she was accused of 39 separate charges, including providing crack cocaine to the teenagers at the Clarion Inn, and luring two other female teenagers to her room at the Clarion Inn in order to have sex with them. In May of 2009, she pleaded guilty to 11 of the 39 charges against her, and was sentenced to three to six years in jail, followed by 36 years of probation. She will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

4. Pamela Rogers Turner

 #4: Pamela Rogers Turner
Name:Pamela Rogers Turner
School:Centertown Elementary School
City:McMinnville, TN
Age of Teacher:27
Age of Student:13
Charges:Felony sexual battery by an authority figure

Summary: Pamela Rogers Turner 
was a 27-year-old teacher and coach at Centertown Elementary School in McMinnville, TN. She was arrested in February, 2005 on charges of statutory rape, after allegations surfaced of an ongoing sexual relationship between herself and a 13-year-old student. In August of 2005, she pleaded no contest to charges of sexual battery by an authority figure, part of a plea deal with the prosecution. She was sentenced to nine months in prison, part of an eight-year suspended sentence. However, she was arrested again in April, 2006, for sending the same student sexual pictures and videos of herself, as well as contacting him through blogs and social networks. A website leaked one of the videos to the Internet, which quickly drew greater interest to the case. In response, Circuit Judge Bart Stanley revoked Turners probation and ordered her to serve the remaining seven years of her sentence in state prison. Two more years were tacked on to her sentence in January, 2007, after she pleaded guilty to sending naked pictures of herself to the student.

5. Pamela Smart

 #5: Pamela Smart
Name:Pamela Smart
School:Winnacunnet High School
City:Derry, NH
Age of Teacher:23
Age of Student:15
Charges:First-degree murder

Summary: Pamela Smart was a former cheerleader who was unhappily married to her husband Gregory Smart. The director of media services
 at Winnacunnet High School, she met and impressed a group of freshmen by sharing her love of heavy metal music (she had even hosted a radio show in college with the moniker "The Maiden of Metal"). According to later testimony, in February of 1990, Smart began having an affair with freshman Billy Floyd. After her husband was found shot to death, she and Billy Floyd, along with three of Floyd's friends, were arrested on suspicion of the shooting. During the trial, the prosecution claimed that Smart had coldly plotted to seduce Floyd and convince him to murder her husband. Smart maintained that Floyd shot her husband of his own accord, after she threatened to end their affair. She was found guilty in 1991 of being an accomplice to first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and witness tampering. She was given life without parole. Smart is still imprisoned in upstate New York. While many on this list can claim they've appeared on television in one way or another, Pamela Smart had a movie made about her, the 1995 Nicole Kidman vehicle To Die For.

6. Nicole Long

 #6: Nicole Long
Name:Nicole Long
School:Ayersville High School
City:Defiance, OH
Age of Teacher:29
Age of Student:17
Charges:Third-degree sexual battery of a minor 

Summary: Nicole Long was a 29-year-old English teacher at Ayersville High School in Defiance, OH. She was arrested on charges of sexual battery of a 17-year-old male former student in January, 2006.
 According to police documents, Long and the student had sexual intercourse in Long's home one afternoon in June of 2005. By the time the charges came to light, Long was nearly seven-months pregnant, though it was never revealed if the father was the student or her husband. During a court appearance, she told a judge that at the time of the incident between herself and the student, she had been taking Zoloft, a medication that treats anxiety and depression. She pleaded guilty in January of 2006 to third-degree sexual battery. She was sentenced to 45 days in a county jail.

7. Stephanie Ragusa

 #7: Stephanie Ragusa
Name:Stephanie Ragusa
School:Davidsen Middle School
City:Tampa, FL
Age of Teacher:28
Age of Students:14 and 16
Charges:Felony sex with a minor and lewd and lascivious battery 

Summary: Stephanie Ragusa was a math teacher at Davidsen Middle School in Tampa, FL. In between 
March and April of 2008, she was arrested three separate times for having sex with two different underage male students, one 16 and the other 14. The third time, Ragusa was arrested as she was leaving the teenager's house and returning to her boyfriend's truck. She became an item in the national press when it was noted that in all three of her mugshots, she offers the same smile. During the investigation, police said they were able to confirm one boy's testimony due to distinctive tattoos around Ragusa's "groin area." Photographs of these tattoos were later released to the press. She was in the national press yet again in June of 2008, after it was discovered that she had written a sympathetic letter to 17-year-old Nick Hogan, son of the wrestler Hulk Hogan, while he was in jail. Text messages from Ragusa to one of the teens were released in August of 2008, including one that read simply, "I loved today. The sex was amazing." The boy replied, "YES I KNOW!" Stephanie Ragusa eventually entered a guilty plea as part of a plea deal. On June 28, 2010, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison with five years of sexual offender probation.

8. Lisa Lavoie

 #8: Lisa Lavoie
Name:Lisa Lavoie
School:Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School
City:Holyoke, MA
Age of Teacher:24
Age of Student:15
Charges:Six counts of statutory rape, three counts of aggravated rape and abuse and three counts of statutory rape, and enticement of a minor

Summary: Lisa Lavoie was a 24-year-old 
teacher at Maurice A. Donahue Elementary School in Holyoke, MA. On February 13, 2009, an eighth-grade student's parents asked the school to investigate the relationship between Lavoie and their son. However, when school officials tried to question her, she and the the 15-year-old boy disappeared. On what Lavoie's lawyer would later call a "meandering" road trip, the duo drove up and down the East Coast for two weeks, driving through Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania as police continued to search for the pair. They were discovered by West Virginia local authorities on February 23, 2009. In June of 2009, Lavoie was indicted for six counts of statutory rape and one count of enticing a minor, and was charged at a later date with three further counts of aggravated rape and abuse and three counts of statutory rape.

UPDATE: On Jan. 26, 2011, Lisa Lavoie was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to three counts of statutory rape and one count of enticing a minor under the age of 16. Part of her probation dictates that Lavoie is not to have any contact with the boy or his family.

9. Alison Peck

 #9: Alison Peck
Name:Alison Peck
School:Greenfield High School
City:Greenfield, MO
Age of Teacher:23
Age of Student:13
Charges:Two counts second-degree statutory rape and sodomy 

Summary: Alison Peck was a 23-y
ear-old music teacher at Greenfield High School in Greenfield, MO. She was charged on May 15, 2009 with two counts of statutory rape after, according to court documents, she admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old male student. On May 22, 2009, she was arrested again after allegedly meeting with the student at the American Inn in Springfield, MO, where the two had sex. After the second arrest, the judge required Peck to have no contact with the boy or his family, stay 1,000 feet away from his home and his school, and surrender her passport to the sheriff's department. As of June 23, 2009, Peck remains in jail, unable to post bond, and awaiting trial.

10. Shannon Best

 #10: Shannon Best
Name:Shannon Best
School:Sanderson High School
City:Raleigh, NC
Age of Teacher:33
Age of Student:18
Charges:Misdemeanor attempted crime against nature and giving alcohol to a student 

Summary: Shannon Best was a 33-year-old social studies teacher at Sanderson High School in Raleigh, NC. She was arrested in April, 2008 after being charged with having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old female student. According to police documents, Best had two female students spend the night at her apartment the Friday before her arrest. Best admitted to a month-long affair with a female student that included kissing, fondling, and sending nude pictures of herself to the student's cell phone. In June, 2008, she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor attempted crime against nature and giving alcohol to a student. She was given a suspended 45-day jail sentence, placed on 18 months of probation, and paid a $250 fine. She was not required to register as a sex offender.

11. Jill Lewis

 #11: Jill Lewis
Name:Jill Lewis
School:Living Stones Christian School
City:Brazoria County, TX
Age of Teacher:26
Age of Student:17
Charges:One count improper relationship between an educator and a student

Summary: Jill Lewis was a 26-year-old  speech, journalism, and computer teacher at Living Stones Christian School in Alvin, TX. The school's
 stated mission is "to develop the whole child through educating their mind, building their body, and empowering their spirit." She was arrested in February of 2008 and charged with having sex with a 17-year-old student along a deserted road in December of 2007. The incident was reported after an anonymous source called a police hot line and reported the relationship. However, for reasons unknown, the case seems to have never been presented to the grand jury.

12. Amy McElhenney

 #12: Amy McElhenney
Name:Amy McElhenney
School:Hebron High School
City:Denton County, TX
Age of Teacher:25
Age of Student:18
Charges:One count of improper relationship with a student

Summary: Amy McElhenney was a 25-year-old Hebron High School Spanish teacher and former Miss Texas contestant. In May of 2006, she was accused of having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old male student. Under Texas state law, the age of consent is 17 years old, however a law passed in the state legislature made it illegal for teachers to have sexual relationships with students regardless of their age.
 The incident came to light after a school resource officer reported that McElhenney and the student had exchanged text messages that "constitute a flirtatious and endearing relationship." When interviewed, McElhenney denied sexual contact with the student, however the student told police that he and the teacher had had sex on "numerous occasions" at her apartment. In September of 2006, the grand jury refused to indict McElhenney on the charge of felony improper relationship with a student. However, she lost her teaching certificate.

13. Carrie McCandless

 #13: Carrie McCandless
Name:Carrie McCandless
School:Brighton Charter High School 
City:Palm City, CA
Age of Teacher:29
Age of Student:17
Charges:One felony count of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Summary: Carrie McCandless was a teacher and cheerleading coach at Brighton Charter High School in Brighton, CO. She was accused in December of 2006 of having sexual contact with a 17-year-old male student during an overnight school camping trip.
 According to her arrest affidavit, McCandless supplied students on an October 2006 camping trip with alcohol, and "did everything except having sex" with a 17-year-old male student while another student slept on a couch nearby. She was fired from the school where her husband, Chris McCandless, was employed as the principal. She pleaded guilty in the summer of 2007 to sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. In March of 2009, she returned briefly to jail for violating the terms of her parole by drinking alcohol and being found in the bed of another parolee. She and her husband remain married. 

14. Traci Tapp

#14: Traci Tapp
Name:Traci Tapp
School:Hammonton High School
City:Hammonton, NJ
Age of Teacher:26
Age of Student:15
Charges:Harassment by offensive

Traci Tapp was a gym teacher at Hammonton High School in Hammonton, NJ. According to a Rolling Stone article about her, she was "attractive and outgoing, and "among the most popular instructors at Hammonton High." She began a relationship with 15-year-old star wrestler Jason Eickmeyer in 2003. Tapp told Eickmeyer the two would live together after Eickmeyer graduated from high school. Tapp had apparently already done this once. She had lived with former student Fred Long in 2001, another relationship that began after Long graduated. Two other students also told police they had had sexual contact with Tapp. In February, 2006, Tapp pleaded guilty to "harassment by offensive touching," a misdemeanor that carries no jail time. She was fined $225. Her story would eventually land in the pages of the January, 2009 Rolling Stone"Sex, Lies and Phys Ed," and spark a debate about how the criminal justice system and society at large views female teachers who cross the line with male students.

15. Beth Geisel

 #15: Beth Geisel
Name:Beth Geisel
School:Christian Brothers Academy
City:Albany, NY
Age of Teacher:42
Age of Student:16
Charges:Two felony charges of rape in the third degree and two charges of endangering the welfare of a minor

Summary: Beth Geisel 
was a teacher at Christian Brothers Academy in Albany, NY, a private Catholic school. She was fired from the position in July, 2005, after allegations of a sexual relationship between Geisel and at least one 16-year-old male student surfaced. After a police investigation, she was charged with two felony charges of rape in the third degree and two charges of endangering the welfare of a minor. As details emerged, three students eventually claimed to have had sex with Geisel, and also told authorities that she had supplied them with alcohol in the past. It was also learned that during a school trip to Florida, Geisel became "so irrepressibly intoxicated" that "she was unable to stand, and four juniors had to carry her back to the hotel." In August of 2005, Geisel, through her attorney, asserted that she was in fact the victim, and that she had been forced to have sex with two of the three male students through blackmail. Later that month, she was arrested for driving while intoxicated. In September of 2005, she was sentenced to six months in jail. In December of 2005, she completed her sentence.

16. Jennifer Mally

 #16: Jennifer Mally
Name:Jennifer Mally
School:Paradise Valley High School
City:Phoenix, AZ
Age of Teacher:26
Age of Student:16
Charges:Three counts of sexual conduct with a minor

Summary: Jennifer Mally was a 26-year-old
English teacher and cheerleading coach at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, AZ. In May of 2007, she was arrested on charges of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. Mally denied the charges, pleaded not guilty, and hired a former U.S. Attorney to serve as her defense lawyer. In June of 2007, the Phoenix Police Department released secret tapes of Mally talking to the boy on the phone, recorded with the victim's permission. On the tape, Mally can be heard telling the boy, "You’re 16, [student's name]. If they find out, I’m going to f-cking jail." Police also released video from the interrogation room, during which she repeatedly denied all charges to police investigators. After investigators left the room, she called her husband and said "I know what I’m doing. I watch CSI." In May of 2008, after several delays in the trial, Mally pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. During the sentencing hearing, a clinical psychologist who had interviewed Mally after her arrest said, "Her actions were not predatory in nature. She did not seek out the boy for sex. She had a low self-esteem, and needed constant reassurance. In her capacity as the cheer coach, she was 'one of the girls.' She was incapable of internalizing her authority role and ill-equipped to manage the demands of her profession." Mally was sentenced in May of 2008 to six months in prison.

17. Natasha Sizow

#17: Natasha Sizow
Name:Natasha Sizow
School:Granby High School
City:Virginia Beach, VA
Age of Teacher:24
Age of Student:17
Charges:Two counts each of indecent liberties and use of a communications device to facilitate crimes against children, all charges were later dropped 

Natasha Sizow was a 24-year-old social studies teacher and girls swimming coach at Granby High School in Virginia Beach, VA. She was arrested in February of 2008 on charges of sending erotic pictures of herself in various states of undress via cell phone to two 17-year-old students, one male and one female. A school resource officer had heard of the incident from school rumors, and reported Sizow to the Virginia Beach police. She was formally charged with two counts each of indecent liberties and use of a communications device to facilitate crimes against children. However, in April of 2008, all charges against Sizow were dropped due to lack of evidence, with prosecutors saying the facts did not support the charges that Sizow faced. 

18. Carmina Lopez

 #18: Autumn Leathers
Name:Carmina Lopez
School:Mountain Ridge High
City:Alleghany County, MD
Age of Teacher:24
Age of Student:15
Charges:Second-degree custodial child abuse, fourth-degree sex offense, perverted practice, and second-degree assault 

Summary: Autumn Leathers was a 24-year-old English teacher at Mountain Ridge High School in Frostburg, MD. She was arrested in August of 2008 on charges of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. The relationship was discovered when one of Leathers' neighbors noticed the boy repeatedly leaving Leathers' ho
use late at night. Police say the boy told them he had had a three-month affair with Leathers, starting in May, 2008 when he was 15. In January of 2009, Leathers pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree sex offense, and all other charges were dropped. She was given a one-year suspended jail sentence, and required to register as a sex offender. 

19. Elizabeth Stow

 #19: Elizabeth Stow
Name:Elizabeth Stow
School:Tulare Western High School
City:Tulare, CA
Age of Teacher:26
Age of Student:All three students were 17
Charges:12 counts of sexual
intercourse with a minor,
oral copulation with a minor

Summary: Elizabeth Stow was a 26-year-old first-year English teacher at Tulare Western High School in Tulare, CA. She was arrested in April of 2005, after school officials began investigating rumors that an improper relationship between Stow and some male students. Speaking to a local news station, one student said, "We talked about it -- like it was no secret. It was just a matter of time until she got caught." Prosecutors alleged that Stow had sex with three male students, all 17. After initially pleading not guilty to charges of unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor, Stow pleaded no contest to all charges in June of 2005. In November of 2005, she was given a suspended sentence of nine years, and was required to serve one year in a county jail. Prosecuting attorneys, however, publicly worried that Stow was receiving too light a sentence due to her gender. "I think there's a certain leniency when a suspect is female versus male. The law doesn't see any difference," said Deputy District Attorney Sara Bratsch.

20. Cris Morris

 #20: Cris Morris
Name:Cris Morris
School:Hurricane High School
City:Hurricane, UT
Age of Teacher:29
Age of Student:17
Charges:Three counts of third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old.

Summary: Cris Morris 
was a social science and history teacher and track coach at Hurricane High School in Hurricane, UT. In October of 2007, she was arrested and charged with five felony counts of first-degree rape of a 17-year-old male student aide at her high school. Police said Moris had sex with the boy five times from August to October 2007, with all of the incidents occurring in Morris' home. In March of 2008, Morris pleaded guilty to lesser charges of third-degree unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail, which she served over the course of 15 weekends.

 21. Carmina Lopez

 #21: Carmina Lopez
Name:Carmina Lopez
School:Sunnyslope Elementary School
City:Palm City, CA
Age of Teacher:28
Age of Student:11

40 counts of lewd act with a child, 40 counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, continuous sexual abuse of a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 years of age, sexual battery, cruelty to a child, annoying or molesting a child under 18 years of age, 11 counts of failure to report child abuse by a mandated reporter

Summary: Carmina Lopez was a 32-year-old fifth-grade teacher at Sunnyslope Elementary School in Palm City, California
. In January of 2009, she was arrested on charges of carrying on a four-year affair with a former student, which began when he was 11 and she was 28. The alleged affair first came to light when the boy received psychological counseling through Child Protective Services. While Lopez claims the boy is mentally disturbed, local police have said the evidence goes far beyond "he said, she said," and that multiple witnesses will back up the boy's claim. Lopez appeared in a pre-trial hearing in March of 2009, during which the boy testified that Lopez would buy gifts for him, but would make him have sexual intercourse with her before he could receive the gifts. As of this writing, Lopez is still awaiting trial.

22. Margaret De Barraicua

 #22: Margaret De Barraicua
Name:Margaret De Barraicua
School:McClatchy High School
City:Sacramento, CA
Age of Teacher:30
Age of Student:16
Charges:Felony improper relationship between an educator and student

Margaret De Barraicua was a Sacramento, CA, intern teacher at McClatchy High School. She was arrested in February of 2005 after police found her in her car with a 16-year-old male student. Police first responded to the scene after receiving calls about a car parked behind an elementary school. The officer on the scene reported seeing steamed up windows and two people moving around inside. Her infant son was strapped into a safety seat at the rear of the car. De Barraicua eventually pleaded guilty to four felony counts of statutory rape in November of 2005, and was sentenced to one year in jail. Noting during her sentencing that De Barraicua had rejected the student's advances several times before giving in, Superior Court Judge Talmadge R. Jones still stated: "Her moral compass was broken. [She] violated a tremendous trust. If he was messed up before he is probably more messed by this offense."

Nevada elementary school teacher resigns after 



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