Know The History Of Sunglasses Before You Shop For Them.

 What you need to know about sunglasses...

Sunglasses always make you look cool, hip, trend setting and evasive. But did you know that The first sunglasses were invented sometime in the 12th century China? And were you also aware that it wasn't until Around 1430 vision-correcting eyeglasses were darkened and they were introduced into Italy via the Chinese? On top of that do you realize that sunglasses only became very popular when Hollywood stars began using them to shield their eyes from the bright studio lights? So I tell you all this because I don't want you going out and spending good money on expensive sunglasses without first understanding where they came from, what they are about, and how to get the very best ones for your face and personality. And so today Let's look at the history of sunglasses before you go shopping:

 what to know about sunglasses

.The first sunglasses were invented sometime in 12th century China.
.Around 1430 vision-correcting eyeglasses were darkened and they were introduced into Italy via the Chinese.
.In 1929, Sam Foster, founder of the Foster Grant of Atlantic City , had put sunglasses into mass production in America and was doing a roaring trade through his company.

--1300c Chinese judges wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court. 
--1430c Vision-correcting darkened eyeglasses were introduced into China from Italy
--1700c James Ayscough believed blue-green-tinted glass could correct specific vision impairments.
--1929  Sam Foster found a ready market for sunglasses on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey
--1936  Sunglasses become polarized, Ray Ban began using Edwin H. Land Polaroid filter.
--1960  A clever advertising campaign by Foster Grant makes sunglasses chic and popular.
--2004 Oakley, eyeware company, developed Thump, sunglasses with built-in digital audio player. 

The History of Sunglasses: What You’ve Never Realized

 History you must know about sunglasses...

Cat Eye Sunglasses

For women, the hot 1950s sunglasses style was the cat eye. With their upswept design, cat eye sunglasses were glamorous enough for icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn! Here Marilyn wears narrow cat eyes with a dramatic upsweep. Audrey’s cat eyes are more dramatic in size than shape.

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How To Save Money... With These 3 You Can Not Go Wrong.

 How to save money...

How To Save Money... Because everyday in every way your money is shrinking, and you can't seem to make ends meet, no matter how hard you try. And now you have fallen in a depression, due to your money problems that keep on getting worst. Because if it's not one thing, then it is another, and it's one bad news after another. Because the great business that you have had for years or even trying to get going, now all is crumpling and now you are worried about how to survive this storm.  I mean, all your life you have been a survivor, except that now you no longer have your youth, and you have serious doubts about starting all over again. And whether life will be as kind to you as before in showering you with luck, with chance meetings, with customers from out of nowhere. So what do you need to do to hold down the fort, until this lean cycle is over with, and the fat time can come again? Well today I will share with 3 things you can do to save as much money as possible, so you can at least break even until this financial storm has past.

 Best ways to save money...

First thing to do for how to save money: Know Your Cash.
Know your cash flow, know what is coming in and what is going out. Because these are lean times and you must control your budget, you must write down your accounts payable and receivables. You have to get on top of all your sales, because you may have to give even more discount just to keep your customers coming. And your suppliers are expecting to get paid because they have sent you all that you need. Besides you have built trust and a great relationship, so you must keep it at all costs.

Second great way to save money: Become A Skeleton.
Yes money getter, trim off all the fat around your spending. If you have a website and you have all the bells and whistles of a hosting plan, then take it down to the basics. If you have to get free advertising, then find something to give away to a charity event, and you will be talked about along with your great business. Also start to cut down on the suppliers for your Brick and Mortar business, cut down on the electricity, cut down on new orders, and revamp old inventory. Be creative since you have a great business mind.

 Save money right now using these...

Third way to save money: Incorporate Others.
The problem with companies when they are facing hard times, they only make their decisions at the top level. And then there only solution is to let people go, and that is very dumb to fire great talents. But not you, because you are smart so you will go the other way. Instead, you will talk to your employees like human beings, and ask them to get involved. Because if you have to let them go, then they have no idea what's out there. So get them involved  fully and offer a week's vacation or a small promotion, and you'll be surprised how many ideas they'll come up with to save money and to increase business. And some of them will even go out and tell people about your business, and persuade them to become your customers. Because remember, you didn't get rich by yourself, and you can't stay there without the help of people.

So as you can see and realize, tough times will come and go, as life is all about ups and downs. But when you're on top, you must always plan and save for the bottom, because it is coming for sure. Also when the tough times come, do not throw a Pity Party, and forget all the great things that have happened in your life. Remember them, and you will quickly be on top once more, you just have to remember how to save money...   

Sex With You, 10 Reasons Why I Love It.

 Why I Love Sex With you...

Why I am so addicted to You my Love:
1 - Every single minute I spend with you my sweet love, you set a romantic setting to turn me on, and make me give myself to you... All because of the little things you do in being so nice and sweet to me.

2 - No matter how I feel, you make feel so sexy. No matter how I look, you find a way to show me just how turned on you are for me and my touch, and so I love to have wonderful sex with you my love.

3 - You caress me with all your might, and by doing that you shatter all my defenses so much that all I want is to overtake you again, and again.

4 - You share all your intimate fantasies with me, and you allow me to move at my pace in being an adventurer with you. And before you know it, I am right there with You sharing orgasms after orgasms.

5 - You are such a good kisser and you take to me to the point of no return, and make me want to go all the way, every time. And reach in between your thighs, for what is mine.

 10 reasons to love sex...

6- Every little thing you wear, you find a way to make it fit just right - over your shoulders, over your belly, over your... And I can't help but be mesmerized whether you are standing or laying down next to me. And so I can't help myself and just want to have more sex with you.

7 - No matter what we are doing or where we're at, you always make me feel emotionally close and connected to you. Because you are always ready to hold my hands, to touch my shoulders, to look at me in the eyes, and always, to listen to me fully and not be on the phone. And all this turns me on so much Baby.

8 - I am amazed and super turned on by how you always want to Please Me. In bed, out of bed, in the car, in the mall, in the kitchen and even around people. And all that my love is way too much for me to take, and for that I just want to devour you and sex you to death.

9 - When it comes to me Sweetheart, you are always in the moment with me. You are always on the same page with me, the moment that I express my desires. How do you do that? I am so turned on by that, and the sex seems to come rushing like a tsunami upon the shores. 

10 - They say the more love you make, the more in love you are. The more time you spend having sex, the more you melt the two energies into one. The more orgasms you reach together, the more chemicals are released into the brain and draw the both of you closer. And so we are the test models for all these sayings my love, for you give me too much of all of those gifts. And So I Just Love To Have Sex With You... James Dazouloute

Watch Out, See All That Could Kill You This Year.

 Things that could kill you..

When it comes to death, it can happen to you at anytime and by any means available. So this is why you, at the very least, have to do your part in learning about what to be aware of that could try to end your life before it was meant to and in a horrible way. Especially nowadays where there have been so many inventions, so many new gadgets, so many new toys to try and make your life better, and since they all have been created by imperfect beings in an imperfect world, then your chances of having those things or events kill you is quite great. But as they always say, knowledge is power. And that is why you must do whatever you can to learn as much as you can whenever possible, so you can always have one leg up on death, since he is always trying to get you, always trying to make your family sad by taking you away long before your time. So you must fight the great fight of life and do your very best to stay alive for as long as possible, and within that frame mind allow me to share with you some statistics about certain things and events that could kill you and your loved ones instantly each year. Because you must survive no matter what, you must keep your loved ones safe at all costs. James Dazouloute

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All About Death And What To Watch Out For Every Single Day:


Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets

 Reasons why you will not love facebook..

Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets. Do you have a Facebook account???. More than likely you do, as they have over 400 million accounts and growing. -DANGER-
And ask yourself dear friend, what do all this information about you and everyone else get used for?, and by whom?. And how does the owner gets to be so rich, and what companies are using all that nice and very informative profile of yours?..

You should consider some other important things as well. First, while you can meet new friends online, you may also come into contact with malicious people misrepresenting themselves. These are people you don’t want to know. Internet thieves and sexual predators are only too eager to exploit personal information found on social networking sites. They are out there and willing to hurt you unless you take precautions to protect yourself.

Second, do realize that we ourselves are part of the problem too. For we all have an Ego, and the Ego is the part of us that loves power. It is the part that loves to be seen, recognized, praised, and adored. Facebook provides a powerful platform for this. It provides a platform by which every word, picture, or thought I have can be seen, praised, ‘liked’. As a result, I begin to seek this. But then it doesn’t just stay in the cyber world. I begin even to live my life with this visibility in mind. Suddenly, I live every experience, every photo, every thought, as if it’s being watched, because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I’ll put it on Facebook.” This creates a very interesting state of being, almost a constant sense that I am living my life on display. I become ever conscious of being watched, because everything can be put up on Facebook for others to see and comment on.

Take a look at this Information and inform yourself, as to the dangers of giving so much information about you, your friends and family to Government agencies, criminals... 
To Avoid Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets Only Log Onto Legitimate Web Addresses. Phishers use dummy sites that may look exactly like a Facebook or Citibank (C) page. Check the URL carefully for things like .cn (China) at the end or anything in the Web address that seems off. If you’re even mildly suspicious, go to the site’s homepage, i.e., and log into your account from there.

Be Wary and Suspicious... Sounds like harsh advice, but you should navigate your online communities like you do off-line. You wouldn’t get on a dark, empty subway train with suspicious characters in a corner would you? Use the same awareness online. Messages on your Facebook page from people you don’t know, or that are ambiguous, should be dealt with prudently.

Know the real truth about Facebook
However, if you too want to get rich by Advertising on it:

Here is a quick Food For Thought For You: Can you take that access back — ever? It sure doesn’t look like it. There’s no reference to how you can stop Facebook from future access to your data in their “terms and conditions.” Worse, it appears that to “unlock” the answer in your friend’s post, you need to answer a bunch of questions about your other friends and violate their privacy too. 
Facebook Danger,The Truth about Facebook And all Its Bad Secrets do not have to be, if you remember to Always Be Safe And Live Well. Remember: The Greatest Enemy Is The In - NER- Me. We bring 99% of our problem upon ourselves.  James Dazouloute

I Fight For You... My Eye Of The Tiger. A Love Poem

 I fight for you... a love poem...

My Eye Of The Tiger, My reason to love, my dream come true and my life who is worth living for. Yes I fight for you my love every single minute, I fight for every inch of love that you have given to me and never wanting to lose any ground, and I also fight for the treasures of your heart that you have placed inside my hands when you told me to take care of you, always. And so I am now an unleashed ferocious animal, and so I now seek out all preys to devour who may want to separates us, and so now I pass through the fire daily just so I could remind You that I love you for life.

 Why i fight for you...

Yes I fight, Yes I am a warrior of your love, yes I am glorified every single time I see you smile because of my efforts, Yes I receive my medal of honor every moment that you declare that you are so proud of me. And so you my Baby, are my motivation, you are my eye of the tiger, you are the wind beneath my wings, you are my shambala and my Eden, you are all the reasons that I dropped down in this physical universe... Just so I could meet you, finally.

And so a love poem to renew my vow to you Baby, to make sure you never forget that I fight for you with every fiber of my being, I fight for our love with all my attention, I fight for the perfect love that you keep on showering me with - through every temptation and wicked thought. Yes I fight to never drive you away my sweetheart, yes I fight to continue to build a home for us under the shelter of trust and fidelity. And I dedicate my life to loving you, and you alone my "P" Perfect Just For Me.

I fight for you because I was built just for that, I fight for your smile because it is my breath of life, I fight for you to reach an orgasm daily because it is my only mission, I fight to give you all that you need because you long ago placed your deep trust in me, I fight to always love You because No Other Lover would ever understand me - nor put up with me like you do. And so I only do what I know best to do, and that is to fight for You... For The Love Of My Dreams.... James Dazouloute

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List Of Pet Food Recalls To Not Shop For.

 Pet food recall list...

Your pet is your best friend and he or she loves you unconditionally at all times, but is depending on you totally for its survival since you have placed or trapped it inside your home. And so it is only right that for such a great and perfect friend, you provide the very best foods available on the market. But as a pet owner, you have limited skills in manufacturing food items, and so you are depending on the so-called experts to provide the foods and nutrition that your pet so badly need. And all you have to do on your part is to go out and shop for it, and then bring it home to feed your dependent best friend. But what if the experts in pet foods drop the ball? What if they manufacture foods that will kill your pet instantly and then hide that fact from you until so many have died that they have no choice but to come forward? But by this time your pet could be one those that had to be sacrificed just so that company could come clean, and how horrible would this make you feel? So this is why you have the duty, the responsibility and the right to stay aware of all pet food recalls that are out there, but you must also go a step further by making sure that you keep an eye daily on the effect that the foods you feed your pet have. And within that frame of mind, let us look the latest pet food recalls for the past few years. James Dazouloute

 What to look for when buying pet food..


2013 Recalls and Safety Alerts


2012 Recalls and Safety Alerts


2011 Recalls and Safety Alerts


2010 Recalls and Safety Alerts

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