Nintendo Games - 12 Souvenirs To Love

Nintendo Games are one of the major brand that were created for you to have the best time of your life with, because all their games are so much fun and give you so much pleasure. But I know that nowadays there are myriads of games out there to choose from, since this is the age of technology. But anyway, here are some fun facts about Nintendo Games..

Super Smash Bros. started as a Super Nintendo game. Much like Super Mario 64Super Smash Bros. was conceived back in the SNES days and intended to be a Super FX chip powered game ala Star Fox. Thankfully the guys behind Smash Bros. quickly realized that while the Super FX chip can do triangular spaceships pretty well, it probably wouldn’t be able to handle more complex models like Mario or Donkey Kong.

A team of two guys developed Smash Bros. initially. In it’s earliest stages, Smash Bros. was essentially the after-work hobby project of Masahiro Sakurai (the creator of the Kirby series) and Soturu Iwata. Yes, that Iwata — the guy who’s now Nintendo’s banana contemplating president.

 Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus and Fox were the game’s first fighters. These were the four characters Sakurai decided to add when it came time to sell the game to the higher ups. Perhaps not so coincidentally those four were always my faves in the original Smash Bros. Well, them and Jigglypuff.

Bowser, King Dedede, Mewtwo and Meowth were intended to be in the game. While no traces of them can be found on the cart, Nintendo has outright said these characters were meant to be in the game. Bowser, King Dedede and Mewtwo would make it into later instalments in the series, but sadly the series seems to have permanently passed Meowth by.

And Now, - 12 Souvenirs To Love From Nintendo Games 

1. The 8 Bit Catastrophe Survival Kit.

The 8 Bit Catastrophe Survival Kit.

2. Goomba Cord Art

Goomba Cord Art

3. The Pokérose

The Pokérose

4. Donkey Kong Shelves

Donkey Kong Shelves

5. NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Controller Coffee Table

6. “It’s dangerous to go alone…” Key Hanger

"It's dangerous to go alone..." Key Hanger

7. Mario Shelves and Warp Pipe Table

Mario Shelves and Warp Pipe Table

9. Super Mario Aquarium

Super Mario Aquarium

10. Super Mario Quilt

Super Mario Quilt

11. Raccoon Mario Rug and ? Block Ottoman

Raccoon Mario Rug and ? Block Ottoman

12. Super Mario Pincushion

Super Mario Pincushion


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 12 Souvenirs From Nintendo Games You Will Love.. SEE

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