21 Funny Sticker Labels That Will Make You Laugh

When you are buying a product in a store or Online, you always want to look at the sticker label so you can get some visual information about that product, and on that label you will need to see the name, the description, a picture of that product, a bar code and of course, some albregious claims about what that product will do for you in your life along with a call to action. But there are many times, when either the advertiser, or the store placing their own sticker labels or sticker prices, end up making a product's name or description look and mean the total opposite of what it was supposed to. And then here you come strolling into that store with your kids even, and then BAM! It hits you on the first look that there is something terribly wrong with that picture, or worst yet, your young kids who are always so observant, and since they just learned how to read - now want to read out loud everything they see. And then it is all blurted out by you or them, the obvious mistake or misplacement of a sticker label. And it is in that frame of mind that I bring to you today: 21 Funny Sticker Labels That Will Make You Laugh... Or think. Because mistakes can and will happen, also because we are all human beings and can sometimes overlook the obvious. And so this would be your duty to correct the error, by contacting the sales clerk or the Manager on duty to bring that erroneously placed sticker label to their attention, so that others will not be offended by it, so that even little kids won't accidentally have to read and see them. All because we must maintain protocol, we all must put on the best face of decency and we all must do our part to further advance Humanity toward perfection and purity. So there you have it, all the reasons why a mistake can take place and how to fix it. But in the meantime, you can take sometime to start to laugh or cringe, at the silly mistakes other human beings have made regarding sticker labels. Because you need to laugh, you need to not take life so seriously sometimes and you need to take the focus away from your own problems and mistakes. Your Laughter Advocate, James Dazouloute

And Now, 21 Funny Sticker Label Mistakes That Will Make You Laugh:























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