17 Funny White Lies People Tell

White Lies are supposedly meant to cause no harm to the person who is on the receiving end of them, but the hearer and receiver of the lie has the difficult task of deciphering what the White Lie means and how those words will be carried out. For example, if someone were to tell you "I am Fine", from a question that you posed "How are you doing", then it is up to you to determine that the person who said "I am fine" is not actually OK, or doing great. But he or she only means that this person is doing as good as can be under the heavy and difficult circumstances of life, because if you were to pry further into their lives, then you would find a plethora of issues that this person is facing or going through, but remember that the person already told you the little White Lie "I am fine". Now would you say that a little White Lie causes no harm and is just conversation? Or would you say that every White Lie should be done away with, and that all people should say what they mean or mean what they say? Well this is an argument that will go on for eons, because all people will tell you that telling the absolute truth at all times will only cause arguments and battles (Maybe they should guard their tongue, speech and actions more carefully), and so all people like to take the easy road, all human beings want to run away from confrontations, and every man and woman likes to tell White Lies in order to have their way. And so Society has determined that a Little White Lie will usually causes no tremendous harm to the person who is to hear it, and therefore allowed to be told. But is this really true for You? But as for me I can tell you Beloved that every little White Lie is an act of deception, it is the seed of destruction that will lead to misunderstandings, to arguments, to frustrations, to loss of respect and finally to loss of trust and love... As soon as it is fully materialized over and over again. So just think or reason what will happen, if you have a Lover who tells you little White Lies all the time, once those little events start to compound and take effect in your relationship? You then will begin to label this Lover as a chronic liar, as a person who is cunning, as a partner who is untrustworthy, as a companion who never means what he or she says, and as a person whom you can never trust. So Beware Of Those Little White Lies That You Tell, And That Other People Tell You All The Time. Your Life Guide, James Dazouloute

And Now, 17 Funny White Lies People Tell:


1. “I’m only going to have one slice of pizza.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

2. “Today is the day I finally go back to the gym.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

3. “Oh yeah, I’ve read that book.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

4. “I, like, never use Facebook.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling
Kristin Rossi/BuzzFeed

5. “I don’t need directions, OK? I know where I’m going.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

6. “No, honey, red is totally your color. YOU. LOOK. GREAT.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling
ESPN / Via tumblr.4gifs.com

7. “Don’t worry about me! I’m fine.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

8. “I’m just going to watch ONE MORE EPISODE.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

9. “I’ll clean up my apartment later!”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

10. “Wow, Mom, that meal you made me was really delicious!”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

11. “I would love to catch up with you tonight, but I’m suuuuuper busy. Sorry.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

12. “I’ll definitely go see your band/play/improv show!”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

13. “I’ll be there in a few minutes, promise!”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling
Jenna Marbles / Via livefreelikethewind.tumblr.com

14. “I’m not going to spend all my money on comic books.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

15. “I totally got a [insert score slightly higher than actual score] on my SATs, before they changed the score system.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling
Walt Disney Pictures - Freaky Friday / Via cuntinued.com

16. “No, I totally get what this song is saying, 100%.”

18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling


18 Little White Lies We're All Guilty Of Telling

BONUS --. “Oh! I just saw this text.”

"Oh! I just saw this text."

At least 

Credit: http://www.buzzfeed.com/geico/little-white-lies-were-all-guilty-of-telling?b=1

The Manipulation Of White Lies....


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