The Seven Virtues You Need For A Perfect Life.

The Seven Virtues, What Are They And What Do They Mean For Your Spiritual Journey?. Well beloved, the seven cardinal virtues as they are properly called are the opposite of the seven deadly sins that you must strive your best to stay away from. And the seven virtues are embraced by all major religions as they all fall under the golden rule of: Love your brother as you love yourself, and love God with all your heart – mind and soul.

And the seven virtues are: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance, Justice, Faith, Hope and Charity. And they are the key to life, to enlightenment, to good health, to blessing, to love and to hope for humanity. For if you live by those virtues, then you will become perfect as God orders you to be. And today I will explore what each one means to your spiritual journey so you can grow and even surpass father Abraham and kind David in their closeness to God. Let us begin:

First virtue is Wisdom:
Wisdom was at God's feet when He created the Universe along with all that is seen and unseen. And that spirit is there to help you each and every day, and it also knocks at the doors of your heart and mind. So wisdom is to first know, understand and then use discernment during all times of testing. And believe me beloved you are even being tested right now in reading this article to better your mind. So make the spirit of wisdom your best friend by running after truths, by establishing understanding and using your spirit of discernment to decide what is good and what is bad for you to do.

Second virtue is Courage.
This spirit is so very important beloved, for when doubts are filling up your mind and your friends have forsaken you, then you must muster up courage from deep within by knowing the God that you serve. And you read and heard about heroes and all that  they accomplish, believe me it is not because they have super big muscles or super intellect. No, it is because they grabbed the spirit of courage and refuse to let go of him / her.  When all else fail, those heroes get the courage for what and who they believe in – God's word and God. Do you have any courage?. If not get closer to God.

Third virtue is Temperance.
The spirit of temperance is to find calmness and peace in any situation. That spirit will help you endure, will help you be forgiving, will help you take time to understand. For temperance is also not to act out of anger and pride, but to be slow to anger. And to be mindful that most people perish and do stupid things for lack of knowledge and wisdom. Also when things happen to you, don't always read into it, show temperance and let it play itself out so you won't have to be sorry.

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Fourth virtue is Justice.
What more need to be said about this one beloved?. For all around you there is injustice in every form, shapes and sizes. From animals being abused, to little children being murdered and even to the elderly being neglected. The spirit of justice is in God's right hand, and He dispenses it at every turn. And He expects the same from you, not vengeance, but to fight injustice and to speak out against it every chance you get. Please, please do not ever say: “ Not any of my business, or that is happening way over there “. All because we live in a small world, and after that spirit of injustice and abuse is done over there, it will come to your perfect world.

Fifth virtue is Faith.
This spirit is who makes the whole thing works. For the Universe and its ways, along with the Heavens and the order of things, are all veiled from your eyes. Because there is nothing that God loves more than faith, and faith causes you to obey when it doesn't make any sense. Faith forces to fight injustice when the odds are overwhelming. Faith helps you to give your life in this physical dimension to save the life of another. And faith causes you to make demons – angels – spirits – principalities and powers to tremble at your feet, and asking you to pray for them to the Lord our God. So have faith by exercising it everyday, especially when nothing is going right, then speak the opposite along with blessings – love – temperance – wisdom – courage – healing etc.

Sixth virtue is Hope.
Hope beloved is when you have faith that something will happen and it is still on it's way for a while. And your spirit of hope should be in God at all times, hope that you will get that job, hope that your spouse will return to you, hope that your body will be rid of the spirit of cancer, hope that your Savior will return today. Hope everyday that all your blessings are here, all the Angels of God are at your side,  and hope that the life that you touch today will go out and multiply to other souls a hundred fold. So with faith, then hope, look for God in  everything.

Seventh virtue is Charity.
Charity is that spirit that God has for you everyday in showing you mercy and grace. Charity is the key to you finding your blessings in unexpected places. Charity is what God expect from you the most toward your brothers and sisters here on earth. Remember beloved, love your brother as you love yourself and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So give charity to the homeless without trying to do God's job and judge what that person does. Give charity to a stranger, even if that stranger turns out to do you wrong, because sometimes it is just a test to see if you really gave that charity in the name of the Living God. Give all that you can give within the blessings that you have been given, just like I am giving you charity of knowledge by sharing this article with you. James Dazouloute


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