Get Here -- A Love Poem.

Get Here... Since I do not even know my Nickname any more, because my mind is consumed in missing you, in fantasizing about your love and in expecting your amazing love that sweetens my soul.

You must get here, you must come to rescue me, you must come to shower me with love, you must deliver me out of the abyss of loneliness, you must be at my door step with all that you have to offer, since I want to take it all.

No matter the route you must take, no matter the perils that you must go through, no matter the emotions you must control, no matter the determination you must have, no matter the tears that must be fought back, you must get here my sweet teddy bear for I am waiting for love.

A love poem, is what I am writing for you, as the first step to appreciate what you have to give up and go through, just to get to me. And expressing fully my understanding of your love sacrifices, is the seed that will build the most outstanding union between the two of us. Yes just the two of us... You N - Me Forever.

Get here, because I am waiting with open arms to admire even the little bad things that you are improving on. Get here because I am in love with you deeply, and it is the biggest platform for you to build your house of trust upon.

I am the shoulder that is able to withstand all your emotions, and all your surprised let downs. I am the one who is here pleading for your heart, I am the one who is confessing my great needs for you, and I am the one who will never have another lover. But You...

You have to get here no matter what, you have to run to me without any delays, you have to deliver me from this nightmare of not being able to see you my love, you have to allow me to enjoy you and all that is forever great from your heart. You have to come and be with me for the rest of my wonderful life.

I am here guarding my heart, to once again offer it to you as my love sacrifice when you finally arrive. I am your love puppet, I am  your play-toy, I am your servant, I am your passion, I am your lover for life. Because your sweet love have never betrayed me, and now it is on it's way back to me.

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I refuse to give up on waiting for you, I refuse to forget how wonderful your love is, I refuse to stop admiring your inner beauty, I refuse to allow time to destroy all the precious amorous gifts you have blessed me with. And I refuse to stop waiting for you.

I am guardian of your love, I am the protector of your trust, I am the organizer  and appreciator of your thighs. I am the gardener of your flowery eyes, to keep it constantly staring at me with being pleased.

So get here, I beg of you. Get here because I have no shame of needing you by my side. Get here to get all the powerful loving that you need. Get here for the prophetic romance that is now ready to come true. You are my everything my wonderful, and I am proud to belong to you. Get here... Just Get Here, Please! James Dazouloute

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 Get Here... A Love Poem.... SEE

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