Fun Video Game Facts

It’s not just video games that people have blamed for the actions of children. In 1979 and 1990, it was Dungeons and Dragons. – Source

Homefront, a video game released in early 2011, based on a war against North Korean global power, has so far successfully predicted both the year of Kim Jong-Il’s death (2011) and North Korea’s nuclear test in 2013. – Source

Jack Thompson, a former lawyer, sent a letter to Bill Gates claiming Microsoft could be legally responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre because of Counter-Strike, a game they didn’t even create. – Source

Later Jack Thompson was barred and fined $100,000 for linking GTA series to crimes with very little or no evidence at all. – Source

Halo 2 was delayed for PC release because one of the developers had hid a picture of his ass in it –Source

 In Assassin’s Creed, every key character you assassinate was a real person, and the date and location of their death is accurate. – Source

In 2011, a 46 year old man from Plymouth, England found and attacked a 13-year-old kid because the kid killed him too many times in Call of Duty. – Source

The Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer’s Edition lists GTA San Andreas as the videogame with the largest voice cast, with 861 credited voice actors, including 174 actors and 687 additional performers, many of those performers were fans of the series, who wanted to appear on the game. – Source

Dat Mathematical Symmetry!

Video games are so creative in the laziest ways sometimes. I love it.

Valve is awesome.

Holy Crap. I did not know that. (I didn’t play much ps2 though either) That is so cool.

The comments on this one are really interesting, so much backstory/rumors about this topic in pokemon lol. Geek out!

Oh man I remember renting this game as a kid, I hated it. It was horrible. And now I know why. haha.

That was brilliant. Tricky game programmers!

I love cross reference throwbacks in games like this – plus Symphony of the Night was my favorite Castlevania game, nay, best game ever!

Wow, this game would have been useless to me and my friends had it not been for multiplayer! FUNNEST THING EVER (then. lol)


Even More Gaming History Facts!

Need even more gaming history goodness? Don’t worry, here are some more tidbits, then a list of more resources to point you in the direction of more awesome nostalgia inspiring video game videos, images, and trivia! Enjoy!
“Introduced in 1993, the 3DO was the first video game system to be based entirely on CD technology.” – VGFacts
“The word “Capcom” was created from taking the first 3 letters from each word in “Capsule Computers” (from the subsidiary Japan Capsule Computer Co).” – VGFacts
“Due to South Korea banning Japanese cultural imports at the end of World War II, the Master System was distributed by South Korean company Samsung, and was named the Gam*Boy.
Samsung released many consoles in South Korea under alternate names, like the Game Boy, Genesis, NES, Game Gear, SNES and Nintendo 64.” –VGFacts
“If you open a Dreamcast VMU, you can see “potato” printed on a chip, as a joke referencing a “potato chip”.” – VGFacts
“Ironically, SEGA’s GD-Rom technology was created as DVDs were not available for SEGA, and they wanted to create a disc that would be hard for pirates to copy and use.
“Sega intended to use the format to curb piracy common to standard compact discs and to offer increased storage capacity. It is similar to the standard CD-ROM except that the pits on the disc are packed more closely together, resulting in a higher storage capacity: around 1.2 gigabytes, which is almost double the storage capacity of a typical CD”
The Dreamcast is infamous for being the easiest console to pirate games on.” – VGFacts


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