13 Reasons To Use A Moving Company

When you have to move from one place to another and take all your belongings with you, that alone can be a very stressful situation, because all human beings are creatures of habits and do not like change of any kind. Not to to mention when you are losing your home or being evicted from an apartment and you have to quickly vacate the premises, then you are really ready to pull your hair out. Especially if you have bought a lot great furniture over the years, and they are all king - size and very well made with real wood, then packing, picking up, loading and moving these kind of furniture, will be like climbing a mountain with the world on your back. And so unless you are Mr. Atlas or Hercules, you can begin to imagine why a Moving Company   such as http://www.Takeawaymovers.net/, with some big strong men who know what they are doing, will be your savior when that time comes for you to move from one house to the next. Also, you have learned a long time ago to always leave things to the professionals, and even in your field you want people to let you do what you are best at, so then why would you think that you can just get up and move an entire 5 bedrooms house filled with furniture and other precious belongings of yours in a car or a rented truck from  home depot?

And so this is why today I am sharing with You: 13 Reasons To Use A Moving Company:

1. Speed
When you contract with a Professional Moving Company to move all your precious belongings, you are actually hiring a group of people who have years of experience in packing, lifting, loading up and moving all types of household belongings, and so over the years those people have learned and invented every trick in the book on how to properly move all items in one house to either another house, or an apartment or even to a rented storage space. And they can do it all in a matter of a few hours. On top of that, those people will not get tired easily, because their body and mind are acclimated to sweating, moving, packing and transporting all kinds of furniture and extremely heavy boxes. All without breaking any one thing.

2. Breakage

A moving company like "Take Away Movers" for example, will only use Professional movers to move all your precious belongings, and at the same time they will offer you insurance just in case some act of God takes place and some things get damaged. But can you guarantee this to yourself if you move all these great things on your own with no daily experience? 

3. Equipment

A great moving company will will use great equipment to move all your expensive and heavy furniture along with boxes with ease. And they move all items very fast, usually within 4 to 7 hours, where it would take you and your family 2 to 4 days to pack, lift, load, strap and move all your household items

4. Recovery time

 If you were to move all your stuff on your own, and drive the truck, and then unload everything and set up all the big items, you would be so drained after such a big move that you would need at least 2 days to rest afterward and recover. But for a professional moving company, they do 1 to 3 moves per day, 7 days a week, and their professional movers are never tired. Can you risk doing the same thing?  


5. Peace of Mind

All professional moving companies know how to drive their huge trucks, they also know how to move around town, how to turn, how to properly stop, how to climb hills etc.. And so because of that you have the Peace Of Mind that all your stuff will be moved properly and without accidents. Again, if you do it on your own with your friends, could you make such guarantees???   

6. Reliability

You of all people already know that when you have to move, it's like Pulling Teeth to get your friends to come and help you. Plus, after an hour of moving, they will usually start to complain. But a professional moving company will not complain, and they have gone through great training and have perfected all the best techniques in moving. And so they are reliable and you can count on them to move all that you have for a low fee (Usually $55 to $90 per hour).

7. Accountability

Again, you can hold a moving company accountable for your expensive stuff. And so they will treat all your items like their own belongings and as special treasures.       

8. Fast

All professional moving companies will give you prompt service. And once their professional movers finish their initiall walk through, and based on experience, they will be able to give you a fair estimate as to how long it will take and how fast they can finish moving all your items completely. And remember, they can maneuver around corners, stairwells, elevators much faster than you can, they do it every day.

9. Efficient

Those great movers can easily pack up their big truck to the hilt, and using every inch of space available. And they can strap all your items every so many feet in expert ways. Can you do all that? NO.

10. No Heavy Lifting

No heavy lifting on your part, no hurting your back, no twisting your ankles, no straining your neck, no soreness in the morning and no medical problems for you afterward. And  the professional movers do not and will not suffer any of these. So another great reason why You must use a moving company.

11. Professional Inventory Process

All the professional movers can account for all your items on their truck, where for you this would be a daunting task because you have to put some stuff in your car, in your friends cars, in the rented truck etc.. So don't lose your stuff and use a professional moving company today 

12. Safety

All professional movers know the best ways to move stuff, to pack them, to load them up, to transport them. Because they have seen it all and have handled all types of furniture and boxes. And you haven't

13. No Hassle With Experienced Movers
They can move your whole house with no headaches. And you are there to supervise and raise any concerns you may have. Also remember, they insure your stuff and so they take great pride in handling all your items. And if they break or destroy items, you have legal recourse against them. Also if they violate the contract you signed at the beginning, you also have legal recourse. And if any other thing  goes wrong, that Moving Company is insured

So Beloved, I do hope that by now these 13 Reasons To Use A Moving Company have helped to convince you why you must not risk moving all your heavy things yourself, or with the help of your inexperienced friends who are Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers and not Professional  Movers. And if you are worried about spending a lot of money, think again, because when you add the costs of renting a truck  and paying for each mile you drive along with how long you keep it. And don't forget the gas prices as well as the insurance money you must pay for that rented moving truck. Also, add to that paying your friends to help you, buying them lunch, and then all the different items that will be scratched up and or broken. Additionally, all the injury you and your friends may suffer, and don't forget about the truck accidents you may have when you are driving such a large moving truck yourself with no experience. So Enough Said, Use A Great Professional Moving Company Today like "Take Away Movers" or any other great one within your locality. Don't Delay! Your Peace Of Mind Advocate, James Dazouloute --- Copyrighted Writings..


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