Why You Must Stop The Circus From Animal Abuse.

Animals are being abused all the time and even worst, right under nose being disguised as entertainment in the form a The Circus Acts. And because you are being made to laugh so hard, you hardly have the time and inclination to think about just how is it that these animals came to being able to perform those great tricks for their masters over and over again. Especially since you know that animals, although smart, have a very hard time communicating with human beings in their language and at their levels. And so when you see an Elephant performing great tricks, just ask yourself, how did it get trained, how did it learn such tricks and how did it become so submissive. Now See This Piece Of News About Animal Abuse From The Circus:

This is how the circus industry trains the elephants that perform tricks for audiences. They use what’s called a bullhook to poke and beat the animals into performing the tricks. It often begins when the elephants are taken out of the wild as babies, sold into captivity, where they spend up to fifty years of their lives chained, isolated and beaten into performance. You can imagine how afraid this baby elephant might be, being beaten and prodded into doing things by humans, powerless and helpless. The elephants cry and scream through it during their entire lifetime. In the article above, it is said that many of the ‘trainers’ who work in the industry are sick/sadistic people. Kind of creepy to think about what kind of humans are comfortable doing this kind of stuff, and what they’re also capable of. Nearly every serial killer in history first harmed animals, and many who abuse animals abuse people too. Animals in zoos aren’t necessarily any safer - being confined to small, concrete cages, isolated, etc. is as abusive and at least one zoo was called out for beating its elephant. 
Others working in the circus industry have been the biggest whistle blowers of the abuse that takes place with the elephants. 
In our lifetime, the circus will likely be illegal. It’s incredible that this has gone on for over 100 years and little has been done to legally put an end to it. What you can do to help:
1. Boycott the circus in your city and do not allow your city to allow the circus to do business in your community. 
2. Start petitions for all circuses to end using animals for performances and to make use of animals in the circus illegal in your state.
3. Support sanctuaries and animal rescues that free animals from circuses, Sea World and other businesses.
4. Spread the word, educate others about the abuse in zoos, circuses, etc. and encourage people to boycott these types of businesses. 
It’s hard to see animals, people or the environment suffering but everyone - me, you, all of us - has the power to do something about it. All it takes is for one person to make an effort. That’s the cool thing about changing the world - anyone can do it! 



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 Why You must stop Circus Animal Abuse... SEE

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