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Your toilet is your best friend because it helps you tremendously to get rid of all the excesses in your body that your body does not want to use nor does it need them. And if you were to allow them to stay in your bowel and bladder, then 70 to 90% of the diseases you would experience would come from your stomach area and below. Also you have to empty yourself, and your toilet helps you to do that. So by now you are beginning to see why you must keep your toilet running free and clear at all times, especially since at 2 am you will be needing that gadget, or at 5 pm you will be running to it, or if you are pregnant and are experiencing morning sickness, you will be racing to your toilet and so you don't need it clogged up. And so this is why today I am sharing with You How To Unclog Toilet Easy. Because sooner than later, your toilet will get clogged up just when you need to use it the most and flush down whatever you hated having inside you. So Again, quickly learn how to unclog your toilet in all the easy ways.

Picture of How to unclog a blocked toilet without a plunger
It is Saturday evening. The shops are closed and you are hosting a curry and beer party. You do not have a plunger.
The toilet gets clogged.
What to do?

This instructable will show you a simple method for unclogging a toilet using hot water and shampoo. (There are other methods of unclogging a toilet without a plunger but this one has given me the best resuls and does not involve touching the toilet water which is a bonus).

You will need:
1 clogged toilet (works best when someone has been overzealous with the toilet paper)
A generous amount of surfactant (ie dish washing liquid, shampoo, liquid soap)
hot (but not boiling) water.
a bucket or a basin or some kind to transport water to toilet.

This will only work with a toilet that is not overflowing and has some room to put extra water.

(for squeemish people. The picture of the blocked toilet was not created with actual bodily excretions)

Step 1: Add shampoo and hot water.

Picture of Add shampoo and hot water.
Get your bottle of shampoo/ soap and squirt a generous amount into the bowl.

Follow that with a bucket of very hot water from the hot tap (not boiling).
Fill the toilet full but not overflowing.

The reason you should not use boiling is because it has been said that boiling water can cause the toilet bowl to crack (I have not personaly tested this assertion though as I do not have the money to buy a new toilet).
Then go have a cup of tea and let the blockage 'marinate'

Step 2: Return and see your handy work.

Picture of Return and see your handy work.
Hopefully after a few minutes the water level will have lowered. (Hot water helps break up toilet paper quicker and the soap lubricates the passage of solid material).
If nothing has happened wait 10 minutes  more. If still nothing has happened you will probably need to use a different method (or bail some of the water out and add more hot water/ soap).

If the water level is lower than before add more soap and more hot water (hot water does not need to be as hot as the first time as this time there is less water in the toilet to heat up).
Again wait for water to drain (this should be quicker).

Repeat the process until water flows freely.

Step 3: Done

Picture of Done
Remind your party goers to treat your toilet with respect and only put bodily excretions and small amounts of toilet paper in.
Usually, whatever is blocking the toilet drain is not very far away. If the plunger’s action doesn’t dislodge the clog, you can try to hook the blockage and pull it free. A wire coat hanger can sometimes do the job, but it is really a substitute for the closet or toilet auger.

Before using the plunger, make sure there’s enough water in the toilet bowl to cover the suction cup. Pump the plunger to dislodge the clog.
The auger has a long sleeve or tube to guide the snake and auger hook into the trap. A crank on the end enables you to turn the hook in the drain or trap. Here’s how to use it.
Step 1: Insert the auger into the toilet trap and turn the crank until it feels tight. This means that the snake has twisted its way to and into the blockage.
Step 2: When you pull in the auger, you should be able to remove whatever is clogging the toilet. If you aren’t successful, try the closet auger several more times. In some cases, you may have to resort to pushing a regular plumbers’ snake through the blockage.
Step 3: When all else fails, the toilet may have to be removed from the floor and turned upside down so you can get a blockage. This is not what anyone would call an easy job, so you should give the simpler methods as good a try as you can before you remove the toilet. But removing the toilet is not beyond the capabilities of the average do-it-yourselfer, and this procedure is explained in the forthcoming section.

The closet auger has a long sleeve to guide the snake and auger hook into the trap. A crank enables you to turn the hook and dislodge the blockage.


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