How To Thank God For Your Spiritual Journey Here

And really Beloved, I should not have to write this article about saying thank you to God. But we all need edification and enlightenment since religions keep us blind and unlearned. So I am glad to share with you that you are here as a traveler on earth because you wanted to be. Because remember you are a Spirit Being and you are perfect in that state from eternity past to eternity beyond. But God partook of Himself and created you as that Spirit being to share the Universe with Him, and for that alone please Say: Thank you, to God

And as a Spirit Being you saw all the parallel Universes and all the different physical dimensions, and you decided to pick up a body and jump in so you can serve God in a weakened state where you are made strong. And furthermore, you decided to start as a fetus all the way to the beginning and you also shed from your mind all knowledge of the Universe. Just so all your experiences of learning and discovering can be genuine. And God agreed to allow you to do that and come here with a purpose to serve God through serving others and glorify God's Spirit. But Still, you are not doing it alone. And again say: Thank You, To God For Your Spiritual Journey Here In This Physical Dimension

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Then depending on the course of life you have chosen to live here, God has given to you loving parents to do your upbringing and Angels assigned to protect you as well along the way. And Beloved, some of us keep our protector Angels working full time with our constant risky lifestyle. As well some of us are constantly challenging God's Authority and existence, which is a super stupid thing because your higher self that He has created is still up there with Him. And yet in this lower physical body you forget who you really are, even though you have been told time and time again that Man is Spirit. Also the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Or that the flesh sets itself against the Spirit. But God is merciful for He knows just like a 3 months old you do not know what you do, and that has been repeated at the Cross at Golgotha in Jerusalem for you. So once more I implore you beloved to say Thank You, to God for putting up with you.

Thank You, How To Thank God For Your Spiritual Journey Here In This Physical Dimension. And everyday in your life you get help from unexpected sources, because God has given great command to his holy Angels to serve and help you at certain moments in this physical realm. Also your higher self is forever at your side helping you with clues at each intersection. And yet you just say: Ahhh, it's all luck, nothing special. No dear friend, imagine if you worked 3 jobs to provide for your kids, and hired body guards to watch over them, also you go to the blood bank to give blood just so they may be saved in case of an accident. And yet your same kids say: Ahhh, it's all luck, nothing special. Just random things happening. How Would You Feel?... 


Give Great Thank you s, and Thank God for your Spiritual Journey Here in this physical dimension. And I am not sure if you ever saw the Movie: ""Total Recall"" By Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he wipes his memory and inject himself on earth to find some secrets, but along the way he leaves himself clues and help at certain stages. Well this is what you have done coming from Heaven to Earth, and where you will return soon. James Dazouloute 


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