Be My Valentine... I Love You Poem.

Be my valentine, since without you the Stars seem to lower their lights, since without you even God seem to share a tear, And since without you I am resolved to only writing a love poem. Oh How I Love You So!

Be my valentine, as I am secretly in love with you. Be my valentine since I have fallen in love with you ever since our days in recess, at the school playground. Where I would share my juice with you and push you on the swings. And play husband and wife under the tree.

With this valentine's day, I do openly declare that You, and You alone are my reason to live. And whether you know it or not, I am your undercover - lover, your undercover - fan, your undercover - worshiper and best - friend. And I take a vow of exclusivity to always honor you, and write romance novels about you, only.

You my sweet love, are exactly who God is talking about in the New Age to come, for you carry a love inside your heart that can contain the entire Universe, Under – Verse and Multi – Verse. And when you speak  just one word to me as you pass me by, then I know that I have just lived a thousand lifetimes.  I know that even the Heavens have just stopped functioning, all because they are nosy and want to hear the secrets of your heart.

On this February the 14th., even the Holy  Angels are abandoning their tasks to serve and protect, because they are all stooping down to see this perfect love that I have for you. Because they do not fully understand the greatest power in the universe. But since Saint Valentine himself, who voluntarily became a Martyr because of the need to join souls in love, then he will easily sit with me and appreciate this eternal love that I carry in my secret garden for you.

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Oh Won't You Please Be My Valentine?. For nobody else will do, nobody else have imprisoned my heart ever since the day I delivered my heart into your kingdom of love. For nobody else 's food and sustenance will ever fill me, as the sweet nectarines that you drop to me from your thighs, and from your lips.

Be my valentine and be forever adored, be my valentine and be the ruler of a deity. Yes be mine, and become the originator of romance and fables. And if you will be mine on this day of Valentine, then I will not only give you the world, but I will even try to sneak into Heaven and trick the Angels into helping me to take God's Love and bring it to you. Since after all, the Devil was able to trick them, and now since I have precedence, then I am sure they will help me to love you, I am sure they will worship you with me on this Valentine's Day. Be my valentine because I have nothing and no one, nor do I want anything or anyone beside You my love.. James Dazouloute


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 Be My Valentine.. And I Love You Poem... SEE

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